Why it is important that governments keep the levels of unemployment as low as possible for the econ

Preparation can help you land on your feet after getting the "old heave-ho. The Bottom Line Governments rightly fret about the consequences of inflationbut unemployment is likewise a serious issue. Even those getting government support cannot spend at prior levels.

This means the economy is not producing as much output as is possible with the current level of resources and technology. Not only do companies face less demand for their products, it is also more expensive for them to retain or hire workers.

This is also why it is important to begin saving for your retirement as soon as possible. Studies have shown that times of elevated unemployment often correlate both with less volunteerism and higher crime. Drug and alcohol abuse and related crimes are much more prevalent in neighborhoods, cities, and countries with high rates of unemployment.

Share Unemployment is universally recognized as a bad thing. Prolonged unemployment can lead to an erosion of skills, basically robbing the economy of otherwise useful talents. High unemployment over an extended period of time will cause a country to have a lower standard of living than it would have with low unemployment.

Prior to the Great Recession, the average savings rate in the U. All of these options contain social costs. When unemployment becomes a pervasive problem, there are often increased calls for protectionism and severe restrictions on immigration.

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It is also worth noting that companies pay a price for high unemployment as well. Costs to the Country The economic costs of unemployment are probably more obvious when viewed through the lens of the national checkbook.

Elevated crime makes sense because absent a wage-paying job people may turn to crime to meet their economic needs or simply to alleviate boredom. Unemployment can be illustrated on a production possibilities frontier.

The costs of unemployment go far beyond the accumulated sums handed out as unemployment insurance benefits. Costs to Society The social costs of unemployment are difficult to calculate, but no less real.

By keeping unemployment low, these social costs are reduced. If you do not have a job and you want onethen obviously you care about unemployment.

The production of those workers leaves the economy which reduces the GDP and moves the country away from the efficient allocation of its resources. When unemployment increases, government expenditures on social programs also increase.

Unemployment is also a dangerous state for the U. As unemployment increases, the production point for the economy moves further from the PPF. That means these people are consuming far less than usual. The Costs to the Individual The costs of unemployment to the individual are not hard to imagine.

Check out The Unemployment Rate: Learn how to find the real rate. At the same time, those governments are no longer collecting the same levels of income tax as before - forcing the government to borrow money which defers the costs and impacts of unemployment into the future or cut back on other spending perhaps exacerbating the bad economic situation.

Everyone in society should care whether you are unemployed, however. This requires additional tax revenues, reductions in other government programs, or an increase in public debt. If you are unemployed, it is difficult to earn enough income to buy the things you need and want. On a similar note, the absence of income created by unemployment can force families to deny educational opportunities to their children and deprive the economy of those future skills.

An introduction to U. The reduction of unemployment may help reduce other problems that plague society. Worse still, some of the worst effects of unemployment are both subtle and very long-lasting - consumer and business confidence are key to economic recoveries and workers must feel confident in their future to invest in developing the skills and building the savings that the economy needs to grow in the future.

Unemployment is associated with other social problems. Studies have shown that prolonged unemployment harms the mental health of workers, and can actually worsen physical health and shorten lifespans.

High unemployment is an inefficient use of economic resources. Other social costs include how people interact with each other. Many people will turn to retirement savings in a pinch and draining these savings has long-term ramifications. Worse yet, most of the costs are of the dead loss variety where there are no offsetting gains to the costs that everyone must bear.

While economists and academics make convincing arguments that there is a certain natural level of unemployment that cannot be erased, elevated unemployment imposes significant costs on the individual, the society and the country.Unemployment leads to higher payments from state and federal governments for unemployment benefits($ billion worth of benefits were paid out in February ), food assistance, and Medicaid.

Sep 04,  · By keeping unemployment low, these social costs are reduced. This is also why it is important to begin saving for your retirement as soon as possible. If you save wisely and consistently from the start of your working career, then you may not need to work to have enough income to buy the things you need and want in your old age.

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Some state governments also use payroll taxes to pay for the state's unemployment compensation programs. Over the years, the amount paid in social security taxes has greatly increased.

This is because there are fewer workers paying into the system for each retired person now receiving benefits. Why would any level of unemployment be considered a good thing? The most important consideration is preventing runaway wage inflation. If there were truly were no unemployed people available, employers would have to offer higher and higher wages to lure workers away from their current jobs.

Nov 21,  · A low unemployment rate means that there is a demand for workers. This is typical in an economy that is expanding. I would compare the United States Growth rate and unemployment levels to the EU over the same time killarney10mile.com: Resolved.

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The Cost of Unemployment to the Economy

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Why it is important that governments keep the levels of unemployment as low as possible for the econ
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