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Erected in by the architect M. A memorial consisting of a steam locomotivewhich had operated on the Road of Life, erected at the station Lake Ladoga in by the architect V.

The total number of people evacuated from the siege of Leningrad through the Road of Life was about 1. Fetisov, and the engineer M. Melnikov, and eight tablets representing pages from the diary of the Leningrad schoolgirl Tanya Savichevaerected in by the architects A.

Fifty-six memorial kilometre posts along the Finland Station — Lake Ladoga railway The road of life. In the Road of Life was replaced by the Road of Victory — a railway, laid on the narrow path conquered during operation Iskra from Leningrad to Volkhov.

Forty-six memorial kilometre posts on the highway from Rzhevka railway station, on the edge of Saint Petersburg, to Lake Ladoga. Chulkevich and the designers G. A foot of ice [30 cm] would be laid down in 24 days at 23 above.

Erected by the architects M. Play media US propaganda film showing the Road of Life. Now the Road of Life, within the limits of Saint Petersburgis often referred to as Ryabovskoe Highway, but within Vsevolozhskthe Road of Life is the official name.

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For the heroic resistance of its citizens, Leningrad was the first city awarded the honorary title of Hero City in On the same site stands a memorial steam locomotive After heavy and fierce battles, the Red Army units overcame the powerful German fortified zones to the south of Lake Ladoga, and on 18 January the two fronts met, opening a land corridor to the besieged city.

Consists of a statue of an anti-aircraft cannonsculptor Konstantin Simunarchitect V. By 8 Septemberthe German Army Group North under Feldmarschall Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb had almost completely surrounded Leningrad, successfully cutting off all major supply routes.

Operation Spark — a full-scale offensive of troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts — started in the morning of 12 January It consists of metallic oak and laurel leaves, symbolising life and glory, and a tablet with a verse by the poet Olga Berggolts.

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Motor vehicles began to operate on 24 December In the first winter of the siege the ice road operated until 23 April The city of Leningrad was still subject to at least a partial siege, as well as air and artillery bombardment, until a Soviet offensive broke through the German lines, lifting the siege on 27 January The route was so dangerous, that in the first week of truck operation alone, more than forty supply trucks had fallen through the ice and sunk to the bottom of the lake — a frozen depth of feet at its deepest point.

Monuments and memorials[ edit ] In total there are seven monuments along the Road of Life, 46 memorial poles along the road, and 56 memorial poles along the railway.

The steam locomotive at Petrokrepost railway station established in memory of a railwayman of the Road of Life During the following winter of —, the Road of Life began to operate once again, [9] starting with horse traffic on 20 December That Road Life.


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Road of Life

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The road of life
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