The characteristics that are important for a salesperson to be successful

But as many who have tried their hand at sales can attest, not everyone is cut out for this line of work. They assume parity with their customers--There is an imaginary hierarchy that average and poor-performing salespeople place between themselves and their prospects.

Successful sales people show value. Some of their answers, below, might surprise you. They are able to organize themselves and recognize what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals. Are you ready to make it happen? I look for the laziest people I can find that have a history of great sales.

Successful sales people work hard. The lifetime value of an ideal client is much more important to us than the quick sale, so empathy from the sales team is crucial. Mar 8, More from Inc. The results may confirm some of the things you already know, but there were some surprises.

Here are qualities young start-up founders say they look for in new sales hires. When faced with unpleasant or negative situations, they choose to focus on the positive elements instead of allowing themselves to be dragged down.

Successful sales people recognize that price is a factor in every sale but it is seldom the primary reason someone chooses a particular product or supplier.

Put another way, they ask questions about what something means rather than just what it is. This mix of personalities will ensure that they can not only get themselves in front of buyers but also close the deal--and ultimately create relationships that pay dividends over time.

Successful sales people are avid goal setters. It shows up as listening more than talking, relating to the other people in conversation and genuine care for others. You May Also Like. My goal is to find out if the salesperson is truly tenacious and willing to close the deal.

I believe that most successful sales people, in virtually any industry, possess the following characteristics: Successful sales people take responsibility for their results. In the face of failure, some people throw their hands up in the air and resign themselves to the disappointment because they feel helpless to change the situation.

They visualize their target, determine how they will achieve their goaland take action on a daily basis. Most sales people will ask a question then give their customer the answer, or continue to talk afterwards instead of waiting for their response.

A sales professional with a consultative mindset identifies customer needs and seeks to tailor custom solutions that fit those needs. Confidence and a Touch of Arrogance Confidence with a touch of arrogance!

The data confirms that the higher-performing sales representatives ask more questions--often more than twice as many--and their questions are more focused on implications than on data.

Other skills can be learned through training, but follow-up is mostly about discipline. Jan 16, More from Inc. They love their company and they exude this pride when talking about their products and services.

The best sales people ask their clients and prospects plenty of quality questions to fully determine their situation and buying needs. Experience difficulty in establishing rapport with a wide variety of people Experience difficulty in adapting their personality style to others with different or non-complimentary styles Have difficulty recognizing and responding to subtle verbal, non-verbal and behavioural cues Focus A person with focus is internally driven to accomplish goals and can stay attentive to one topic.

Jan 15, Find out what ten qualities successful salespeople possess. Tenacity I test a salesperson in every way possible before I hire them: Her prior experience includes stints in corporate communications, publishing, and public relations for non-profits. How does your team stack up?

Existing Relationships and Product Knowledge Relationship selling starts with ability to build and manage relationships.

They know that their actions alone will determine their results and they do what is necessary.What separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson?

The best of the best tend to share the following characteristics. How does your team stack up? Undoubtedly, there is natural talent, but can you can learn these characteristics and be just as successful?


14 Important Traits Successful Salespeople Share

A true salesperson has the. Regardless of your definition of success, there are, oddly enough, a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful businesspeople.

The characteristics that are important for a salesperson to be successful
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