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Many schools do not teach abstinence only. Back then, many parents did not believe that girls and boys could study together.

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In single sex schools, there are fewer distractions. The teachers in single-sex schools use the teaching methods that are especially meant for the specific gender.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Sociology work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. However, those who oppose sex education must realize that it is the wishes of no school to encourage sexual activity in students.

Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school? Some people believe that girls have poor performance in mathematics and sciences, while boys are poor in reading.

This is because they have not learnt to appreciate individual differences of each other and they have not learnt to relate well with each other. The opposition may have many reasons why sex education is important in schools.

Sex Education Should in Public Schools

Research indicates that boys and girls learn differently. These programs have the good intentions of persuading teens to wait until they are married before having sex, but abstinence-only education has not achieved this goal and are flawed by the biased and distorted perspective they promote.

On the other hand, studies indicate that boys in co-ed schools have a higher self-esteem than those in single-sex schools. Teachers in single-sex schools use methods relevant to the specific gender. They perform better in areas where it was believed they were poor performers.

Moreover, girls who study in single-sex schools are more likely to take science related courses than the girls who are in co-ed schools.

A parental guardian, or personal figure should teach sex education. If we properly address the changes they will go Sex schools and students essay early on, we will have a better chance of changing the patterns of poorly taught sex education from the previous years.

Sex education is a sacred issue. A major concern in the topic of teaching sexual education in schools is that it will cause an increase in sexual behavior. This is because single-sex schools are better equipped to meet the needs of the students. Over the years, especially in the twentieth century, co-ed schools became more common than single-sex schools.

In an age where sex is becoming more and more recognized as an acceptable form of entertainment, the time is now for us to step in and take control of teaching our youth the proper way to handle sexual pressures.

This is because they have not learnt to associate well with each other Novotney, This has especially been the case because of the high performance of the students in these schools. This is a crisis we are having within our youth, and it is not going to get any better by denying them the proper knowledge about sexual acts.

If we want to save our youth from making poor decisions, we have to stand up and acknowledge that there is a problem. The situation has however changed, and single-sex schools have begun to make a comeback.

Opposing argument 2 Students have stereotypical views later in life, and they do not know how to relate well with people of different gender Rebuttal and counter argument Students have more confidence to study subjects that are thought to fit the opposite sex.

They develop a low self-esteem when they feel less accepted, and this affects their studies negatively. If we entrust teachers to educate our children and they will only if they meet a certain criteria, why is such a program even being considered helpful.

The numbers of single-sex schools have increased, and they are focused with educating children of all ages. The girls usually have high self-esteem and more confidence in themselves. Boys in single-sex schools are not afraid to take art related subjects, music and languages.

Also, they can say that students spend most of their time at school around teachers and that they would feel more comfortable being exposed to that kind of information around them than anyone. Essay Plan Single-sex schools are better than coed schools Thesis statement including your point of view Single-sex schools benefit the students because the students have better academic performance, they eliminate stereotypes in the classroom and the students have fewer distractions Body Summary of the opposing argument The psychological differences in girls and boys are not enough to affect how students learn.

Moreover, the brains in both sexes develop differently.This free Sociology essay on Essay: Mandating Sex Education in Public Schools is perfect for Sociology students to use as an example. Sex Education In Schools (Essay Sample) February 15, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

Likewise, sex education is essential for students to get information, form values, beliefs, as well as attitudes around identity, intimacy, and relationships. May Prevent Teenage Pregnancy as well as Sexually Transmitted.

Sex Education in Schools Essay; On other hand, students in single sex schools achieve greater result. This essay is to argue the benefits of both types of schools. It will be argued. Read More.

Words: - Pages: 3 Controversial Aspects of Waldorf School Education Essay. H 41 Controversial Aspects of Waldorf School Education and its. T his argumentative essay deciphers the reasons in which sex education should be implemented in scholarly protests erupted calling for the immediate implementation of sex education in schools.

This primary reason for teaching sex education is to not only give students more information on the topic but also to promote sexual health and. Sex Education Should in Public Schools; Sex Education Should in Public Schools The opposition may have many reasons why sex education is important in schools.

Students can be taught the correct terms of the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases and birth contraceptives rather than the “street lingo” (www. lifestyle.

Single-sex schools provide a conducive learning environment for students, allow teachers to teach according Show More Essay about.

Sex schools and students essay
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