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Week 9 lecture on Individual learning we came across that in an organization learning derives from the individual learning from each member of the organization. Upon conveying the decision to my dean and my classmate, I saw feelings of indifference from the dean and joy from my friend.

I wish I could say I managed this dilemma well, but I realize that I failed to account for the fact that I could not substantiate the situation, by being diplomatic at both the ends.

Reflection paper on organizational behavior

Each member played several roles, including the energizer, encourager and harmonizer, as it was required of them. In my opinion, I think that I have high verbal, numerical, and deductive ability; therefore there are some jobs such as accountants and bankers that are more suitable for me than some other careers.

This attitude allowed for interpersonal processes such as motivation, encouragement and relationship-building to occur very naturally. We need to understand why people act the way they do as each person differs so much from each other. In this reflection, I have attempted to describe a situation in which I had faced an ethical dilemma and have expressed my views about the same.

I was called to meetings that were open only to the professors at the university and was made to actively interact with people in the discussions.

As personalities of people tend to be stable over time, we cannot expect one to change in a short period of time. So this describes the individual learning is both operant and conceptual learning the difference is important because each learning has a different approach to perceive situations.

Of course, when looking at individual differences and the way they affect the attitudes and behaviors of people, we must also look at the abilities, aptitudes, and skills they possess. Being a person in authority, he asked me to go according to the rules and revoke him the exam qualification.

Before this, I thought every part of our personality is fated to be the way it is. I requested him to consider this case and extend the due date, which was flatly refused. Societies in my opinion are more importantly social, educational and vocational unit than the rules put forward by workplaces, and when testing times arrive, the dilemma that these put us in is unexplainable.

Jung Typology Test,Humanmetrics, [online] Available at: It states that many theories of motivations are used in a business organization and all have been designed for one purpose, to recognize what motivates and enhances the performance of employees. I have also indicated the kind of impact the entire situation has created on me, and how it has influenced my decisions.

We shared a high degree of goal interdependence to get the project done, and to ensure it was well-written and addressed all project requirements.

My result turned out to be high on extraversion, and from what we have learned, extraversion is also known as positive affectivity where individuals experience positive emotional states and feel good about themselves as well as about the world around them Jung Typology Test, Subsequent to the punctuated equilibrium, we began to have Skype meetings often and used Google Docs to collaboratively type up the report while offering recommendations and making corrections through a 4-way Skype call.

This course introduced me to the theories that have created solid advances in the field of organizational behavior. Though the intellectual quotient in question was high, the moral and monetary support from the family was not enough to balance the talent that he possessed.

In my view there are intrinsic and extrinsic factors are correlated. Learning is defined as gaining knowledge or skill. People with high extraversion scale will also tend to be more sociable, affectionate, and friendly. There was a classmate at my Electrical Engineering class, who was very promising and was working on a project that could be pivotal to this future.

By studying this topic, I now know that personality is determined both by nature and nurture. The diversity within the group, allowed us to explore many different views and perceptions, as supported by the value in diversity problem-solving approach.

Get Access Teamwork Self Reflection — Organizational Behaviour Essay Sample My project team was one that is able to collaborate effectively, communicate well and focus on a task. He arranged for me interactions, and made me understand the importance of the thing I was working on.

Being a human with a set of values, what mattered to me was the joy of a person, rather than material benefits.

OB - Personal Reflection paper

I will always try to achieve the best out of everything I do, as well as take personal responsibility for outcomes that occur. Throughout the semester, every week different professors came and gave us lectures. By not giving thought to the consequences of my actions, my project had to be completed in a tougher manner, but ultimately I achieved success and my classmate finished his course on time.

Performance might have been improved if the team had been more mindful of the time span available and taken advantage of time more effectively, earlier on. These are based on the various traits they have, which can be used to predict their behavior in certain situations.

Not only does this chapter catches my attention, it is also useful as it is crucial to understand the nature, determinants, and consequences of individual differences for managing organizational behavior when working in teams during assignments or during work in the future.

These action processes caused some conflict since the report was a limited length, and we had to decide on the most important and noteworthy information.

Organizational Behaviour Reflection Papers

The examples and cases throughout the course show the practical side of these theories in terms of how you can manipulate them to enhance competitive advantage in an organization. Students of organizational change identify areas of change in order to analyze them.

During my day to day interactions with the professors at my university, I was sighted by the head of Computer Sciences department, who was also the dean for Student Affairs. Due to the pressure that the time limit enforced, team harmony did not result in groupthink behaviors, because we ensured that the project was the most important priority.Teamwork Self Reflection – Organizational Behaviour Essay Sample.

My project team was one that is able to collaborate effectively, communicate well and focus on a task. Organizational Behavior Academic Reflective Essay After seven weeks taking the Organizational Behavior module, we came across many topics such as the history of organizational behavior research, learning and creativity, nature of work motivation etc.

There is no doubt that the subject is very interesting, nonetheless, the chapter that is. OB - Personal Reflection paper. The following paper will highlight core aspects of organizational behavior, how they connect within the context of organizational behavior-touching on key matters-and how the information from the assessments might apply in my development toward a future career.

Reflective essay on a teamwork.

Teamwork Self Reflection – Organizational Behaviour Essay Sample

BUSI – Organizational Behavior INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION PAPER The main objective of this semester was to learn various organizational behaviors that are conducted in a business environment outside the classroom; these would help us as students and as future business entrepreneurs. reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 3 dress it real time. His message resonated with the employees. We had to introduce and implement SAP as an inventory business tool and I was selected to represent my department.

Teamwork Self Reflection - Organizational Behaviour Essay by jello9, University, Bachelor's, A, April download word file, 2 pages download word file.

Self reflection essay organizational behaviour
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