Role of students in pakistan movement

Khan Bahadur Role of students in pakistan movement Yousuf Shah. Sir Syed clearly foresaw the imperative need for the Muslims to acquire proficiency in the English language and modern sciences if the community were to maintain its social and political identity, particularly in Northern India.

The Western Punjab was home to a small minority population of Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus up to apart from the Muslim majority.

It was noteworthy to witness both Muslim men and women participating in this great effort. Syed left the All India Muslim League in the mids and his relationship with Jinnah never improved, the overwhelming majority of Sindhi Muslims supported the creation of Pakistan, seeing in it their deliverance.

The prevailing situation in our country is quite tragic as the leaders are mishandling and manipulating the youth for their personal or party interest, whereas Quaid-i-Azam utilised this great asset particularly for the national interest.

Both the Muslim landed elite, waderas, and the Hindu commercial elements, banias, collaborated in oppressing the predominantly Muslim peasantry of Sindh who were economically exploited.

It is quite clear that Hindus and Muslims derive their inspiration from different sources of history. These young, lively, active, dynamic and vigorous men and women have high ambition and goals, and are also blessed with the energy to fulfil their dreams.

Nawab Nasir Hussain Khan Bahadur. Accusations of molesting Muslim women were levelled at Hindu shopkeepers in Nowsheraa town where anti-Hindu sermons were delivered by maulvis.

The secular Pashtun leadership was also of the view that if joining India was not an option then they should espouse the cause of an independent ethnic Pashtun state rather than Pakistan. The War of Independence of proved to be a seminal event in the history of India, and a watershed moment for the reformers like Sir Syed.

At this critical juncture in the history of Indian Muslims, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan realized that the miseries of the Muslims could only be curtailed by achieving modern education. Eventually, due to panic the government restored the mosque to Muslims.

Haji Muhammed Ismail Khan. The Muslim League under Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the period strived to introduce reforms in Balochistan to bring it on par with other provinces of British India. We have in this quotation a solution to transform our youth from a liability to an asset, as AllamaIqbal said: Byless than 20 per cent of those servicemen returning home had found employment.

Hundreds of trained volunteers were appointed for different duties in the election campaign, as well as for the election day. The directives of the ulama in the province began to take on communal tones. According to the official results, there wereregistered voters out of which In that era, ethnolinguistic differences were subsumed under a common vision of an Islamic-inspired social and political order.

The Indian Congress refused to oblige with the Britain unless the whole Indian subcontinent was granted the independence. They resisted change and remained stuck to their own traditional studies.

The creation of Pakistan too had many contributors who played a vital role in the Freedom Movement but the role of students, unquestionably, had been remarkable throughout. Nawab Sarfaraz Hussain Khan Bahadur. Tensions also rose in over the abduction of a Hindu girl in Bannu.

Khan Bahadur Shaikh Ghulam Sadiq. They have different epics, different heroes and different episodes The referendum was held on 2 July while polling began on 6 July and the referendum results were made public on 20 July During the Pakistan Movement, public opinion in Balochistan, at least in Quetta and other small towns, was overwhelmingly in favour of Pakistan.

The students not only worked in their respective areas but also helped their brothers in other provinces, forming an inter-province cooperation.

During British rule Balochistan was under the rule of a Chief Commissioner and did not have the same status as other provinces of British India.

The general elections held in for the Constituent Assembly of British Indian Empirethe Muslim League secured and won out of seats reserved for Muslims and about The constitution of this organisation was presented on December 29,in a conference held in Calcutta which focused on uniting and organising the Muslim students nationwide, to arouse political consciousness amongst them, to work for the betterment and advancement of the social and economic condition of Muslims, to popularise Islamic culture and faith, to have friendly relations amongst different communities of India and to promote cooperation between the Muslim students of India and rest of the world.

Pakistan Movement

Muslim students worked socially, intellectually, journalistically and politically to serve the national goal. The transformation itself had been rapid, as most landlords and pirs had not switched allegiance until after Khalifa Syed Muhammed Khan Bahadur.

Shortly thereafter, Viceroy Lord Linlithgow followed suit and announced that India too was at war with Germany. The Unionists had built a formidable power base in the Punjabi countryside through policies of patronage allowing them to retain the loyalty of landlords and pirs who exerted significant local influence.

Aftab Abbasi on March 16, To yoke together two such nations under a single state, one as a numerical minority and the other as a majority, must lead to growing discontent and final destruction of any fabric that may be so built up for the government of such a state.This movement was led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders such as Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan etc.

Students played a major role in the Pakistan Movement. This was of great historical significance, for the Muslim students of the subcontinent had never participated in such great numbers in a political movement.

role of student in pakistan movement.

Role Of Students In Pakistan Movement

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Muslim students of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Bengal, Assam, Bombay, Bihar, Central Provinces (CP), Delhi, Madras, Orissa, United Province (UP) and Banglore had their own Muslim Student Federations (MSF) who worked day in and day out for the struggle of Pakistan Movement.

Students' Role in the Pakistan Movement Muḵṯār Zaman, Abdus Salam Khurshid, M. A. Mehkari Quaid-i-Azam Academy, - Pakistan movement - pages.

The Pakistan Movement or Tehrik-e-Pakistan Students, a key component of the Muslim League's activists, were trained to appeal to the electorate on communal lines, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (–) philosophical ideas plays a direct role in the Pakistan Movement.

role of students in the freedom movement 3. the creation of pakistan too had many contributors who played a vital role in the freedom movement but the role of students, unquestionably, had been remarkable throughout.

4. the credit for the educational reforms and awakening of the muslims of the sub- continent surely goes to sir syed ahmad .

Role of students in pakistan movement
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