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The schools are mainly for the children of the expatriate community, charge high tuition fees and can therefore provide good facilities and high standards. Just think for a moment. Therefore, the UGC has a direct control over these universities and administer the undergraduate intake. Hence, there are unemployed graduates even among the meager number passing out from state universities while our industries are facing a dearth of new recruits with the required set of skills and talents.

They can be lightly categorized as for profit, non-profit and not for profit universities. It would be a real blessing if we could improve the quality of graduates produced by spending public funds, at least due to the healthy competition that would be generated by establishing private universities.

According to the Minister, University of Colombo has ranked up to 24th in South Asia while it hold the in world rankings. The top students from urban and rural districts get the chances of having tertiary education.

Accordingly, University of Peradeniya and University of Moratuwa have reached up to 31 and 32 in South Asia while they are holding and in world ranking. Private schools[ edit ] C. Today Piriven are funded and maintained by the Ministry of Education.

Having such men around could only be a boost to industries and would help Sri Lanka catch up with the rest of the world.

Some claim that university lecturers will also try to earn more by working in the private institutions like doctors and therefore the standards of the public universities would decline even further. Compulsory leadership training for undergraduates Inthe government made it mandatory for all students selected for undergraduate courses in state universities to undergo Compulsory leadership training for undergraduates at military and police bases.

Many of the private schools have access to newer facilities than state run schools. Sri Jayewardanepura has achieved a tremendous progress when it compares to the past.

On the other hand, it is not realistic to assume that an institution can get the maximum benefit from a person just because his services are limited to that place alone without engaging in any external activity. In the Jaffna campus was added to the University of Sri Lanka.

According to the last statistics, we are the 2nd economic development rate holders in the world.

List of universities in Sri Lanka

The fact that the creation of private universities will result in institutions physically located in Sri Lanka dedicated to higher education with no use of public funds itself is a blessing?

He uses the tables containing valuable data in pages very cleverly to support his claim that the number of students to the Arts faculties should be drastically reduced immediately to utilize the savings for other programmes for which there is known need. First phase of the hostel project of build 60 hostels will be opened by HE President soon.

Should Sri Lanka need Private Universities? – Example from UK system

By a report submitted in Julyit was recommended to stop providing free university education completely.Private Universities in Sri Lanka 1. Non-State Universities in Sri Lanka “ Non-state universities could positively contribute to the National development in Sri Lanka ” Public Awareness Program 2.

Education in Sri Lanka

The University of Ceylon Act No. 1 ofreplaced it with the University of Sri Lanka which existed from to University of Sri Lanka Edit. The University of Sri Lanka was a public university in Sri Lanka.

Do we need Private Universities in Sri Lanka?

Established in by amalgamating the four existing universities, it was the only university in Sri Lanka from until Free sri lanka papers, essays Sri Lanka Insurance is now backed by government protection and service excellence on par with the best in the private sector.

At present Sri Lanka Insurance has over Branches Island with an unmatched assets base under management (refer figure 1) with a Life fund of over Rs billion and over one million. International level private universities in Sri Lanka There are various types of private universities all over the world for us to consider which particular category is suitable for Sri Lanka.

Let us consider America which has 43 of the 50 best universities according to the Webometrics ranking. 3. One of the alternatives that are suggested to solve this problem is the opening private universities in Sri Lanka. Situation for opening private universities in Sri Lanka is evaluated from various aspects (advantages, disadvantages) and summarizes the findings is the main objective of this paper.

AIM. 4. Higher education in Sri Lanka has been based on the several prominent pirivenas during the local kingdoms. The origins of the modern university system in Sri Lanka dates back to when a University College, the Ceylon University College was established at the former premises of Royal College Colombo affiliated to the University of London.

Private universities in sri lanka essay
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