Pork barrel news writing and reporting

Berry and Lee are victims of a new urban weapon in South St. At The Philadelphia Inquirer, reporters and editors called it the "You may have wondered why we invited you to this party?

Alex Michelini of the New York Daily News and...

First, Schwartz identifies the women in the lead as representatives of a larger group: Rookie reporters can use the nut graf form to good effect, too. Make up your mind what the story is about and why people should read it -- and then type that conclusion in one or two sentences.

The nut graf has several purposes: Never give away the ending of the story. It avoids a common flaw: The last sentence provides a transition to the next section. The Year War for the Soul of Specific examples are always related to the larger context.

A word of caution about nut grafs from James B. Stewart, a former Wall Street Journal front page editor and successful nonfiction writer: Blundell, a former Wall Street Journal writer who coaches writers, and whose stories illustrated the approach in its finest form, calls "the main theme statement the single most important bit of writing I do on any story.

In his lead, Schwartz described how Avita Berry, 62, watched as the occupants of a car "let loose with thick streams of water, soaking anyone unlucky enough to be in range," and Annie Lee, 72, saw a group of pre-teens open fire with massive water guns filled with bleach, "strong enough to turn her grass white.

Enrile wants probe into leaked memo on ‘pork’ scam

Ken Wells, a writer and editor at The Wall Street Journal, described the nut graf as "a paragraph that says what this whole story is about and why you should read it.

Employees at the center are imploring new Veterans Affairs Sec. In the s when I covered family issues in Washington for Knight Ridder Newspapers, I relied on it for a story about the alarming increase of preteen dieters.

The story about pre-teen dieting is based on numerous interviews with children, parents, doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and other health professionals and on extensive research of medical literature.

It often includes supporting material that helps readers see why the story is important. The nut graf is a wide-angle shot. But its chief hallmark is the use of a context section, the "nut graf" in newsroom lingo.

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Jeremy Schwartz, a reporting student at The Poynter Institute, used two short vignettes to begin his story about the problem elderly residents in a St. It buttresses the thesis by citing medical evidence and experts.

Experienced reporters say they find it helpful to constantly write and rewrite the nut graf through the course of reporting the story. Journalistic story forms, like many creative ideas, are often linked with the places where they originated or where they reached their zenith.

They tell stories of guns filled with bleach, hot pepper and even garlic and say that neighborhood youths have taken the game too far. Court of Appeals for the D. This summer has seen an explosion of Super Soaker use on the South Side, say residents, local retailers and police.

Super Soaker water guns -- high-powered, bubble-shaped, neon water guns that can extend to three feet and hold up to two gallons of water.Neil: For the international news, here is yours truly, Neil Chua, reporting!

Some Filipinas illegally staying in Saudi Arabia have fallen sick and approached local community leaders for help in going home, a Saudi news site reported Wednesday/5(38).

PORK-BARREL RESEARCH Thanks to superb reporting by Science magazine's Jon Cohen, we now know the sorry story of how ill-informed legislators, too well-connected lobbyists and a huge pot of. It’s all about how pork barrel politics is one of those malodorous things that unfortunately seems to be necessary to well-lubricated dealmaking among homo sapiens.

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Enrile said his lawyers were writing the Inquirer to demand an apology and to require that the Ombudsman’s denial be given the same prominence as that of the false report. Pork barrel ship.

The great Washington Dave updated that piece with news of a pro-Hillary super-PAC handing back money from a Massachusetts construction company that gains from government contracts. Hopkins will attend sessions in Los Angeles and receives a reporting grant for .

Pork barrel news writing and reporting
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