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They disposed of impediments upon freedom of the press and of questions of the divisibility of sovereignty by reinterpreting history in other ways. The very term Founding Fathers has also struck some scholars as inherently sexist, verbally excluding women from a prominent role in the founding.

Once both the inflated and judgmental rhetorics are brushed aside, what did they achieve? It has been estimated that newspapers went into roughly 40, homes on the eve of the Revolution, and possibly twice that number by the end of the century.

They derived those ideas and assumptions, as well as their perception of their heritage, from a variety of sources, but the principal wellspring was the printed word. One could hardly ask for a more precious lesson.

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This is exactly what Lieutenant Colonel George Washington did. Letting all these people who just wanted to be free, die for them, was no way that they should have seen the situation come down too. Before analyzing that proposition, let us survey briefly the works most frequently read, cited, and praised by eighteenth century Americans.

At the most general level, they created the first modern nation-state based on liberal principles. The process of corruption and decay was clearly understood: Library of Congress, Washington, Our founding fathers essay.

They also, and less radically, treasured personal liberty. Secondary Sources Of the many generalizations customarily made about the Founding Fathers, one of the most common but least Our founding fathers essay is that they all thought pretty much of the same things about the nature of man, society, and government.

And much of the scholarly work focusing on the Founders has emphasized their failures more than their successes, primarily their failure to end slavery or reach a sensible accommodation with the Native Americans. Even though in their minds it felt like the right thing to do, to others nations, especially Britain, they were viewed as traitors.

In recent years the Founder whose reputation has been tossed most dramatically across this swoonish arc is Thomas Jeffersonsimultaneously the author of the most lyrical rendition of the American promise to the world and the most explicit assertion of the supposed biological inferiority of African Americans.

On one level of consciousness, we know better. All gentlemen were supposed to be able to cite Plato and Aristotle, but when they did so, it was usually by way of oratorical flourish rather than out of genuine appreciation, approval, or even knowledge.

The Lessons of Books The literature provided no answers to these problems. The failure Slavery was incompatible with the values of the American Revolution, and all the prominent members of the Revolutionary generation acknowledged that fact.

There were two exceptions of consequence. Eighteenth century Americans, like many twentieth century conservatives, sometimes found themselves advocating a minimum of government but at the same time advocating a regime of "law and order" that would impose suffocating restraints on personal liberty.

Apart from the Bible, of course, which was to be found in nearly every home, the most common reading fare was the newspaper.

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Underlying that assumption was still another, namely that people were basically or "naturally" good. Whoever decides to join the army would generally stay loyal to the country that they claim to be supporting and carry on with it all the way through. The experience of the s and s taught many Americans that too little government was as dangerous as too much—that in the absence of energetic government neither liberty nor property was safe.

In much the same way that adolescents view their parents, the Founders are depicted as heroic icons or despicable villains, demigods or devils, the creators of all that is right or all that is wrong with American society. For additional material see Donald S. The achievement Given the overheated character of the debate, perhaps it is prudent to move toward less contested and more factual terrain, where it is possible to better understand what the fuss is all about.

Without exception, the major British political writers who carried the English libertarian tradition through the eighteenth century were gentrymen who were writing in fierce opposition to the new financial order.

If they did not want to try and hurt anyone in their process, why did they start this whole thing in the first place? Their greed, hostility towards others, and betrayal were things that could not have been taken lightly. Reading Habits of Early Americans The Americans were a remarkably literate people, and they were even more remarkable in the voracity of their appetites for things to read.

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John Viscount Bolingbroke, and James Burgh. Contrary to what we used to believe, the Fathers were not especially attuned to the French Enlightenment and not much given to reading theoretical philosophy, political or otherwise. If one of the distinctive contributions of the American political tradition was a pluralistic conception of governance, its primal source was the pluralistic character of the founding generation itself.

What, in the end, did the Founding Fathers manage to do? To them as to the English authorities they read, liberty meant the absence of governmental restraint or favor.See killarney10mile.com's collection of America's Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

Founding Fathers Essay Our government today has a lot of control, and that’s the opposite of what the founding fathers thought should happen.

The Declaration of Independence gave rights men and women the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and stated that everyone is created equal. The main authors were Thomas.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Founding Fathers Essay. Abraham Lincoln Reaffirmed the Values of Our Founding Fathers. Our founding fathers created the US Constitution to set specific standards for our country.

We must ask ourselves why our founding fathers created the Constitution in the first place. America revolted. What I would Tell America's Founding Fathers Essay What I Would Tell America’s Founding Fathers Dear founding fathers of the United States of America, I would like to address this letter to you all to inform you on our economy and society nowadays that you may find appalling.

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