Losing your culture essay

Many studies have been made about the roots of assimilation. While the younger generations seem to be ready to embrace the culture of America in order to gain easy acceptance in society, the elder immigrants are left to worry about preserving their traditions.

With technologies,there are possibilities. And i must say that the saddest thing besides proverty caused by globalisation, is the loss of culture. September 30, at Hence, I believe that by learning to acculturate, immigrants, like me, can avoid the negative consequences of assimilation.

I am also beginning to see how my attachment to my homeland is withering away as I struggle to communicate with my relatives from India. Fascination about western culture urges immigrants to assimilate quickly.

It was an easier task for me to adapt to my host nation rather than my host nation adapting to me.

To Assimilate or to Acculturate?

In short, I believe rather than resorting to assimilation, immigrants should acculturate and in this way add to diversity of their new host nation; otherwise, they merely become one among an alien crowd, eliminating their true heritage.

Joining the major society gives immigrants an initial feeling of being welcome into the new nation. This social support from my peers made me feel more accepted. Works Referenced Bhattacharya, Gauri. Assimilation undeniably helps immigrants acclimate to a new land and feel more welcomed.

Because they feel like the minorities in the population, immigrants shun their own culture and attempt to be a part of the American society. January 29, at 7: Students used to stare in bewilderment when I brought handvo, a traditional Gujarati snack, to lunch.

At first assimilation might appear to be the best choice for immigrants but eventually, they come to terms with the loss of their own culture and begin to see the costs of becoming too influenced by the American way. By doing this, I was assimilating, and this way I felt more comfortable being a part of society and no longer felt like an outsider.

With this belief, when I was two, my family moved to the U. January 29, at September 24, at Slowly the sheer bliss that came from fitting in made me more enthusiastic towards going to lunch every day.Essay: The Fear of Losing a Culture By Richard Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez, A Free-Lance Writer, Editor and Expert On Hispanic Affairs, Is The Author Of Hunger Of.

Losing Your Culture – Essay

An author says about the importance of culture that "culture is the set of transmitted and learned behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions and all other products of human work and thought that characterize the functioning of particular population, profession, organization or community"10, so the only representative of the particular community or population is the culture.

However, if you talk to members of a particular culture about language loss, they do not address the symbolism of the language but rather talk about the sacredness of language, the sense of kinship associated with language, and their moral commitment to language.

What Do You Lose When You Lose Your Language? Sure, in your lifetime you can see extraordinary things that might change your view or opinion on certain subjects, but overall, your culture is what defines you.

[tags: society, culture, hispanic household]. Losing Your Culture - Essay Losing Your Culture – Essay One of the Characters from Everyday use such as Dee and Irene or Clare from Passing, felt unappreciated and that they were lesser individuals all based upon the color of there skin due to all the rights and statements that hampered the African American Population.

The title of this essay is "The Fear of Losing a Culture." To whose fear is he referring-that of Hispanic America, North America, or both? Would the meaning and expression of that fear be the same for either side? Title: The fear of losing a culture Author: Rodriguez Subject.

Losing your culture essay
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