Look over the picture and write a story about what you think is happening

In the third picture I can see a modern city with skyscrapers. In fact, lately, in the north of Spain, winter is being especially hard and extreme. In the meantime, think about whether you are more skilled at the strategic thinking or paying attention to details.

While you most likely know this already, here are some points that can promote that reflection: You are great at outlining what needs to be done, but filling in the details can feel exhausting.

Ask them not to put their names on their papers until after they show you their drawings. Students who are ready to work should get a new sheet of paper and be instructed to begin drawing their second picture on the new paper.

Explain to students that they are now going to write the story that goes with the drawings, and that they will write on a separate piece of paper for each drawing. Demonstrate if necessary, or show a model.

Probably, they are in a music festival or in a concert and they seem as if they are having fun. For example, three years ago it was freezing for months with temperatures below six or five degrades.

Session Three Gather all students together for directions. What is his name? You have a low tolerance for busywork, tedious errands, and filling out forms.

What question does he ask the man? It looks like quite a polluted city. Typical of the Big Picture Thinker You can quickly see patterns in complex problems.

Are You a Big Picture Thinker or Detail-Oriented?

I believe everyone has to wear those clothes which match their own styles, their thoughts and moral convictions. Now what is the doctor saying? Using the row of rectangles drawn on the board, draw another rectangle under each one, to demonstrate that each drawing will have its own page of writing.

Medication errors are a growing problem in the United States.

Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy

Some cultures believe that a doctor is an expert and therefore should not be questioned. What does this medicine do? If possible, read information about it in books and on the Internet. This means learn all you can about your problem and its possible treatments before you decide what treatment to have.Writing Prompt: Write a story about what happened here.

Be sure to include where this van came from and where it was going. love the idea of using pictures for writing prompts WRITER #1:Tell the story about what was happening when this picture was taken.

Draw a Story: Stepping from Pictures to Writing

WRITER #2: Add to the the first writer's story. Why do you think the bear is there. You Write the Story Directions: Look at the picture below. Write a story to tell about what you think is happening in the picture.

Give. KidZone: Creative Writing Write a Story Based on the Picture Spark the children's imagination by providing them a picture on which to base their story. Look over the picture.

Write a story based on what you imagine is happening. Printable Templates. You Write The Story: Look at the picture below. Write a story to tell about what you think is happening in the picture. Give your characters names and use lots of detail. You Write The Story – Click Here Information: Writing Prompt, Narrative Writing Prompt, Story Starter.

Sep 22,  · 40 Intriguing Photos to Make Students Think.

• What is going on in this picture? • What do you see that makes you say that? analyze and evaluate what we saw and create a story about. Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy: Created by Kate Singleton Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools What is happening in the picture?

What do you see? What is the man's name? What's the matter with him?

From Picture to Story

What is his name? What do you see in the picture? What do you think the man eats every day in his native country?

Is the.

Look over the picture and write a story about what you think is happening
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