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They are the oldest living race of people in the world today and therefore deserve a special kind of respect and understanding as having very different beliefs about our world and their place in Issues analysis indigenous people 2 essay.

Diarrhoeal disease is acknowledged as a serious health problem in many Aboriginal communities, especially among infants and children who are at higher risk of associated dehydration and malnutrition. These concepts were consistent with values and principles nurtured by a culture cognizant of the links between spiritual health and well being and balance in daily living.

This leads to the lack of appropriate health care for the needs of the Aboriginal people further adding to the poor state of health affairs faced by the indigenous societies.

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This is due to a lack of understanding of the Aboriginal customs and beliefs especially regarding health and illness and the associated forms of treatment.

Other conditions resulting from substandard living conditions which are prevalent in Aboriginal children include pneumonia, upper airway infections, otitis media and skin infections.

Despite these facts, and although pastoralists have never had exclusive possession of pastoral lease land, the frenzy in the wake of the Wik Decision led to leasehold pastoralists en masse, demanding freehold title to their leasehold land, which Prime Minister Howard is in support of.

Related causes of morbidity and mortality include accidental or violent injury, toxicity, epilepsy, heart disease, hypoglycaemia, pancreatitis, cirrhossis and pneumonia.

As a result, the Aboriginal people have received constant interference, oppression and misinterpretation as to the rights that are provided to them in healthcare as well as other community services that they are entitled to.

In the s both the Native Title Act and the Wik Decision were passed in Australian courts amidst a frenzy of fear and protest. In addition to a higher rate of low birth weight in Aboriginal women, their children also face a greater risk of malnutrition.

These two principles have directed and continue to direct the status of indigenous Australian populations as well as their health and well being. This did not prevent their access to alcohol or other drugs, so they were often arrested for using alcohol.

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Many famous Australian singers, actors, artists and writers are indigenous and speak out for their people. At the same time, the public health system is flawed for dealing with population-based aspects of healthcare in which the population is considered to be asocial.

Many nurses working in Australia find themselves in remote areas caring mainly for Aboriginal people of whom they have little understanding. Social Determinants and Indigenous health: This view was shaped by conversations with people in my community and a misunderstanding of indigenous culture.

Such systems should also not offer any room to any form of segregation whether as a result of stigma or as a result of forms of oppression by a dominant culture over another that it deems as inferior. The first intervention involved the signing of a bilateral agreement between the Australian government and the State of Western Australia.

To this day, mainstream political support for indigenous land rights remains unattainable. Despite these statistics, there is a belief within segments of Australian society, that Aborigines are not disadvantaged, and even that they live privileged lifestyles on government money.

The effects included los of sight, skin rashes, radiation poisoning and hundreds of families forced to leave their homelands due to severe contamination.

The dynamic nature of culture implies that it can change under the influence of environmental determinants. I recall watching an argument between two indigenous men which turned into a physical fight. Other issues noted in Aboriginal children include the prevalence of poverty among the members of this group thereby leading to ill-health and poor benefits especially for the young.

This implies that economic redistribution and tackling of poverty in indigenous communities is fundamental in the restoration of health and well being CSDH Their unemployment statistics were almost three times those for non indigenous people.

Government health agencies, the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, and nongovernmental health organizations have been instrumental in furthering the pursuit of culturally competent and appropriate health care delivery.

Aboriginal people are calling for self determination.

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Further causes of alcohol and substance abuse in the indigenous population include low self esteem, depression and alienation. They also had an advanced comprehension of their ecology which was advantageous in providing all their nutritional and health requirements.Health and Wellbeing of Australian Indigenous People Essay - Sincewhen the white people first came to Australia, Australian Indigenous people have experienced systematically debases Indigenous culture and people.

rheumatic heart disease figure prominently in Aboriginal and Torrens state Islander health issues. As mentioned.

Issues Analysis- Indigenous People Essay Issues analysis - indigenous people As the British arrived on the land of the aboriginal people they hoped to absorb the aboriginal people into their culture to work in the new colony.

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Health Issues in the Aborigines Culture; as well as the health issues facing these people such as high blood pressure, stress, drugs, alcohol and poor children’s health.

At the same time, healthcare provision for aboriginal communities is not directed by the needs of the indigenous people, as it should be, thereby demonstrating a flaw. The Health of Indigenous Australians Essay; Due to that reason Indigenous people have profound effects on health and emotional wellbeing (Dudgeonp.

38). As per Parker (, p.

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Health Issues of Indigenous Australians Words | 10 Pages; Health and Wellbeing of Australian Indigenous People. Essay on Indigenous People. Words 9 Pages. to improve the lives of their indigenous peoples. The issues of the past are vast in number and unique to each government.

The issues include: political power, education, environment, land [territory], intellectual property, poverty and the list goes on. The Persecution of Indigenous.

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Health Issues in the Aborigines Culture

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