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A modified, greatly simplified form of an existing national language has also been suggested as a possibility for an international language. Most people think of Chinese as Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of the country, and it is also the most widely spoken of all the Chinese dialects.

One noteworthy example is Latino Sine Flexione "Latin without inflection"the brainchild of Giuseppe Peano, an Italian mathematician of the early 20th cent.

Just like the other languages on this list there is a high degree of language variation depending on region and country. Artificial Languages An artificial language is an idiom that has not developed in a speech community like a natural tongue but has been constructed by human agents from various materials, such as devised signs, elements or modified elements taken from existing natural languages, and invented forms.

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International Languages

Tutonish and Folkspraak for the Germanic languagesRomanid for the Romance languagesand Afrihili for the African continent. However, two years later, the League recommended that its member states include Esperanto in their educational curricula.

Another type of artificial language that has had more popular success is the kind formed from elements or modified elements of existing natural languages. Zamenhof lived on Dzika Street, No. That took time so they organized demonstrations carrying large posters encouraging people to learn the universal language and to sign the petitions Pei, One Language for the World Several such systems were subsequently devised, but they International language out to be too difficult for most people to use and had, as well, the serious handicap of being unsuited to conversation.

In its first world convention was held in Boulogne-sur-Mer. This simplified Latin, devoid of inflections and declensions, was named Interlingua by Peano but is usually referred to as " Latino sine flexione ".

The theory underlying Interlingua posits an international vocabulary, a large number of words and affixes that are present in a wide range of languages. Examples of lingua francas remain numerous, and exist on every continent. However, like the Delegation, it finally decided to create its own auxlang.

Zamenhofas a primarily schematic language; the word stems are borrowed International language Romance, West Germanic and Slavic languages.

Hanotaux did not like how the French language was losing its position as the international language and saw Esperanto as a threat, effectively wielding his veto power to block the decision.

Basic English has several features that make it suitable as an international auxiliary tongue. The number of speakers grew rapidly over the next few decades, at first primarily in the Russian Empire and Central Europe, then in other parts of Europe, the Americas, China, and Japan.

The largest of these, the Universal Esperanto Associationhas an official consultative relationship with the United Nations and UNESCOwhich recognized Esperanto as a medium for international understanding in If you look online you will find that there are a number of websites listing these languages in a different order.

A simplified revision of Esperanto is Ido, short for Esperandido. Spanish is also spoken throughout Spain and in many parts of the United States.

Languages that are formed either from different dialects of the same language or from different languages that have been in linguistic contact constitute a special type of international language; examples are koines and pidgin languages.

Natural Languages A natural, national language used outside its national boundaries by other peoples can serve as an international language. Spanish — As the official language in the majority of countries across Central and South America, Spanish has the second largest number of speakers around the world.

About two hundred people from many countries attended. Within a few years this language had thousands of fluent speakers, primarily in eastern Europe. International students who want to learn English usually consider studying in the USAUK or Australiabut there are also many other English as a second language schools all around the world.

There was a proposal to make Esperanto its official language. Several international languages that are differentiated according to their spheres of use may function in the same language community.

In his work, Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler specifically mentioned Esperanto as an example of a language that could be used by an international Jewish conspiracy once they achieved world domination. In the 20th cent. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

Also sometimes confusingly called Interlingua it is not related to the more widely known artificial language of that nameit is essentially a very simplified form of Latin. Some of the philosophical languages of the 17th—18th centuries could be regarded as proto-auxlangs, as they were intended by their creators to serve as bridges among people of different languages as well as to disambiguate and clarify thought.

International Language also interlanguagea language that serves as a means of communication between nations or ethnic groups. Inthe mathematician Giuseppe Peano published his completely new approach to language construction.

Zamenhofa Street and a nice monument was erected there with his name and his invention inscribed on it, to honor his memory.

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International auxiliary language

The original official languages of the UN were English, Chinese, French, and Russian, the languages of the permanent members of the UN Security choice was largely political.

English was widely used as an international language, as it was the dominant language of the United States, a superpower.; Chinese was the language of a major power as well as the language with the greatest. Languages International, Inc.

has been serving the globe since We are a comprehensive translation and interpretation agency providing a wide range of language services such as document translation, typesetting, foreign language instruction, and interpreting services. His original title for the language was simply the international language (lingvo internacia), but early speakers grew fond of the name Esperanto and began to use it as the name for the language in ; the name quickly gained prominence and has been used as an official name ever since.

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International language
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