Human relations perspective in management essay

This highlights some inherent contradictions within the normative perspective.

Soft HRM is synonymous with the Michigan model of human resources and is the bedrock of the modern approach to strategic human resource management. For instance, an organization aiming to innovate will require a workforce that demonstrates a high degree of innovative behavior such as long-term focus, cooperation, concern for quality, creativity, propensity for risk taking, and similar qualities.

This perspective thus bases itself on the role behavior of employees instead of their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Facilitating interactions with the environment in open systems.

Human Resource Management Journal 7: The major role of human resource management in such a context is to promote alternative ways of controlling behavior to reduce the effects of such conflicts and minimize the cost to the organization. This theory holds that the purpose of human resource intervention is to control employee attitudes and behaviors to suit the various strategies adopted to attain the desired performance.

This approach works under the assumption that what is good for the organization is also good for the employee. The two major approaches include Monitoring employee behavior and preventing shrink of work by establishing effective control systems and improving productivity. This concept traces its origins to the Harvard model that links workforce management to organizational strategy.

Providing employees with incentives such as rewards, motivation, and job satisfaction to increase their individual performance. Setting up mechanisms to buffer the technological core from the environment in closed systems. Hard HRM stresses the linkage of functional areas such as manpower planning, job analysis, recruitment, compensation and benefits, performance evaluations, contract negotiations, and labor legislations to corporate strategy.

The organized activities of employees constitute the input, the transformation of energies within the system at throughput, and the resulting product or service the output. A negative feedback loop provides communications on discrepancies.

When one person delegates responsibility to another person, conflicts of interests invariably arise. This perspective espouses a gap between rhetoric, as organizations claim to follow soft HRM policies when they actually enforce hard HRM.

Theoretical perspectives for strategic human resource management. The human resource department needs to adopt the approach that minimizes transaction cost to the organization. It views the workforce as passive resources that the organization can use and dispose at will.This essay aims to identify key similarities and differences between two theory by comparing detailed aspects which including focus, the comprehension of structure,basic assumptions of person and the task of leader, simultaneously, exploring how Classical Management theory and Human Relations theory can reconcile the incompatibilities between the approaches.

The human relations perspective is based on a more psychological approach to management and looks to create efficiency through fulfilling the needs of employees.

The workplace is looked at as a social network and employees are viewed as human beings, not units of production.

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Furthermore, human relations theory produced disappointing results when applied in practice. Word Count: ; Approx Pages: 3; Responsibilities and the two roles of Human Resource Management Which are The Innovator Role and The Adaptor role advantage.

WHAT IS HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT? /5(3). Human Relations Perspective in Management Essay Tolan Management Human Relations Perspective The human relations perspective is a way to manage a corporation where the employees are viewed as social beings with complex needs and desires as opposed to just units of production.

Human Relations Perspective in Management

This paper aims to draw comparison between two major management theories namely; Scientific Management introduced by Federick Taylor and the Neo classical views of Human Relations Approach.

Both schools of thoughts are drafted to identify and increase the potential of an organization.

The theory was applied to the other steelworkers where there was a notable but erratic increase in output. (LJ Mullins, ). On the surface, Taylor's theory of scientific management seemed successful. The Human Relations Movement. The Human Relations Movement viewed people as driven by both economic and social needs.

Human relations perspective in management essay
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