How to write a great bio for twitter

Use hashtags, s, or links. And you only have about characters to tell them everything they need to know. Tools such as Followerwonk can search Twitter bios on a keyword basis.

In order to be considered part of this niche, you have to use words that this niche uses. No pressure or anything. Add a bit of personality to your bio.

This helps differentiate you from others with similar bios. Tell what you really do or are. Keep this description under characters as it will be cut off mid-sentence and make you appear like you talk too much or are sloppy.

That means the strongest Twitter bios usually contain industry targeted keywords. I drink only Merlot, and live in a castle with JohnEyeAm See how those descriptions use all the ingredients?

Remember those millions of fake Twitter profiles? Needless to say, your bio is important. All it takes is a quick and short description of why people should click the link in your bio.

If your main goal on Twitter is to gather as many followers? Here are eight Twitter bio ideas to make your account stand out for all the right reasons: Instead of telling people about your work, tell people what you do.

The goal of a resume is to get hired. How do you mix these ingredients together into the secret sauce of an awesome Twitter bio?

7 Key Ingredients of a Great Twitter Bio

In other words, your Twitter profile will be one of the most visible descriptions of you on the Internet. But it does work. Humor can give you just the edge you need to pull people in and catch their interest. For me, I chose to showcase my entrepreneur side of myself in my bio.

And all within characters. Where has she been? It may help you get noticed and strengthen your brand. Notice how Amanda photo above commented that my bio stood out the most? It can be a link to your website, landing page or blog post.

Get more clicks on Twitter by scheduling your posts for the ideal time. Another one of those. By Amy-Mae Turner If you want to be found on Twitter Search, you can optimize your bio to include keywords that will bring your target audience to your profile.

I included bits that could describe practically anyone on the Twitters, and threw in a few silly things, for flavor. In the same way, their followers retweet? This is what I do in my bio: Last updated Aug 26, You only get characters. Also, a little-known hack you can use to get multiple links in your profile is to add one in your bio.Every second, 6, tweets are sent on Twitter.

That'severy minute. million per day. And billion tweets every year. These are. 11 Twitter Bio Ideas To Get More Followers And Engagement.

A good Twitter bio oozes personality. It introduces you and your business to your audience and shows them what kind of content they can expect from you.

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio That Gets Followers

Used well, your Twitter bio will be memorable, help you build relationships and attract the right followers. Write for Us. This might read as a totally believable Twitter bio, but it is in fact gobbledegook: made-up, buzzword nonsense from the "Twitter Bio Generator".

Developed by Josh Schultz, the generator was designed to poke fun at the list-based bio format so beloved of key-word-minded Twitter users.

How to write a great bio for twitter
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