How to save a life

The response has been overwhelming. Paramedic Jamal says when it rains, it pours. He finds the first aid kit. Derek stops his car and searches for his phone.

Penny comes up and apologizes to Meredith. She knows how it works. The His friends and family gather to see him off to Louisville for college, and his dad comes along with him so they can talk. Penny continues to fight and Derek roots for her. Minutes later, students are evacuated from the school due to a bomb threat.

Meredith sits by his side as the nurse turns off the machines. Derek looks around for Charlie and finds him wandering down the road.

He helps her into the ambulance. He says what he always does, but he almost killed himself doing it. Winnie asks him what he means. For the next few weeks, they all meet at lunch everyday.

In the weeks that follow, Jake stops hanging out with his old friends for good and spends more time with his new friends. In the years later Jake joined a new popular group of friends, Amy became his girlfriend, and he became star of the basketball team.

The song was ranked No. I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness, and I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life [Chorus] Where did I go wrong?

The video features various adolescents, most of which seem to be between 12—18 in age, all who appear to be depressed and suicidal, or possibly mourning the loss of a loved one.

Actor Randy Waynethe star of the film, said he originally rejected the idea of starring because it was being made with a low budget, but he eventually accepted the offer and offered to do it for free.

Outside the hospital, Penny is crying when Meredith exits. Derek gets back in his car and pulls out to turn around.

How to Save a Life

Here I was, a protected suburbanite, and he was just 17 and had all these problems. He says she probably got the wind knocked out of her when she hit the ground.

Penny goes back inside. They sedate him to secure his airway as he thinks that they need to wait. She says she might throw up.

The Fray - How To Save A Life Lyrics

Jonny gives Jake a note to read on the way there stating that he actually did feel like Roger and had considered taking his life, as well. All of these children have lost a significant loved one prior to the video, and many of them cry and scream in the video, all against a white background.

After some time, Jonny asks Jake for advice on asking Andrea on a date. Derek leaves Meredith a message. Derek goes to his car and finds only a small first aid kit with very little in it. He does back to Sarah and Winnie.

They played it at his funeral, and some of his friends got Save a life tattooed on their arms. With Amy distracting the teachers that guard the exit, Jake runs past them to the road and steps in front of the police car.

He then half-carries Charlie to safety. Charlie is the prom king. At that point, Jake and his father stop the trip to Louisville and head home. And no one could write a manual on how to save him.

Zola says that surgeons can never be late because people die. He tries to send Winnie over to Alana and Charlie with bandages.

Jake takes his anger out on Jonny by brushing aside his concerns, effectively humiliating him in front of his peers. Jake watches in horror as Roger shoots himself. They start to hear sirens.How To Save a Life is polished and professional, bland and inoffensive.

It goes down easy, but evaporates into the ether just as quickly. It goes down easy, but evaporates into the ether just as quickly/5(). I lost a friend Somewhere along in the bitterness And I would have stayed up with you all night Had I known how to save a life Let him know that you know best Cause after all, 4/5(51).

How to save a life How to save a life Como Salvar Uma Vida Passo um; você diz: Precisamos conversar Ele anda, você diz: Sente-se, é apenas uma conversa Ele sorri educadamente pra você Você o encara educadamente Algum tipo de janela a sua direita Ele vai para a esquerda e você continua na direita Entre as linhas do medo e da culpa.

This is an excellent album. I love the Fray's smooth emotional rock and roll style(for a lack of better words) the whole album is loaded with songs with emotional situations mixed with easy listening music highlighted by their hit " How to save a life"/5(60).

To Save a Life is a Christian drama film directed by Brian Baugh. The film was released theatrically in the United States on January 22,and was written by Jim Britts. It stars Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, Robert Bailey Jr., Steven Crowder and Sean Michael Afable.

About “How to Save a Life” The second single, and title track from The Fray’s debut album.

How To Save A Life

This song is about lead singer Isaac Slade’s experience at a .

How to save a life
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