Horizontal violence and staff morale essay

When a unit culture has a history of horizontal violence as described above, there will need to be a culture change. This research will help to fill in many of the gaps that currently exist in the body of research on the topic.

Therefore, this will reduce the ability of the researcher to introduce bias into the study group that does not naturally occur within that group on a daily basis. Research Design The research design for this study involves a quantitative survey methodology that explores the key gaps in literature regarding horizontal by violence in the nursing profession.

It has long been recognized that a nursing Horizontal violence and staff morale essay exists and that there are not enough nurses to care for the population with growing healthcare needs. This is particularly true in the area of long-term nursing andin geriatric care. It is also a patient safety issue when communication is compromised because of horizontal violence.

They will collect the surveys and place them in a Manila envelope to be picked up by the researcher at a specified time. The victims feel ridiculed, demeaned, and humiliated. New York Times Blog. The harasser tends to be an experienced nurses that feels overburdened by the stress of their workload andin the long hours that are now a gruesome fact of the nursing profession.

Many hospitals have begun to develop policies regarding more as all horizontal violence that sounds similar to their policies on sexual harassment or other forms of harassment in the workplace. Staff need to know that you will quickly be responsive when you observe the behavior or when it is brought to your attention.

It can incorporate physical or nonphysical acts such as sabotage, destructive criticism, backbiting, undermining someone, scapegoating, and verbal confrontation.

Although horizontal violence is usually verbal or emotional abuse, it can also include physical abuse and may be subtle or overt. She seemed reluctant to name the problem as a unit culture of horizontal violence but felt that there was evidence to support that this was occurring.

All study results will be kept anonymous and presented in aggregate to hide the identities of individual nursing staff participants. The study will explore the problem of defining in understanding horizontal violence in the nursing field and its relationship to job satisfaction, retention, and longevity in the nursing profession.

Hypothesis This research will explore the hypothesis that horizontal violence is prevalent in the nursing profession. The administrative staff or workroom will ask volunteer nurses to take the survey and return it to them. This study will address similar topic areas and will reword the questions to reflect the area of horizontal violence among nurses.

Repeated acts of horizontal violence against another are often referred to as bullying.

One of the first steps that she took to learn about the unit was to interview all of her nursing staff. Nursing research indicates that exposure to horizontal violence has a high cost to the organization and often results in staff turnover.

It will explore a secondary hypothesis that horizontal violence among nurses contributes to the nursing shortage of through creating a hostile work environment Note: As the population of Baby Boomers age, they will be meeting needing healthcare, and currently there are not enough nurses to provide it, let alone to meet the growing needs of the future.

Sherman, EdD, RN, FAAN Recently, one of my nursing administration graduate students came to ask my guidance about a dilemma that she was experiencing in her work setting. This study design is based on study designs and similar topic areas.

Horizontal violence in the workplace is a growing problem. Read to Lead Brown, T.

Sampling Techniques The study will use random voluntary sampling through the recruitment of volunteer participants from among local hospital nursing staff. It Iis not an unexpected that the study will cause any harm to the human participants.

There are huge gaps in our knowledge base about horizontal violence in the workplace and its effects on the nursing staff and others. This research will explore the problem of horizontal violence in the workplace as it relates to job satisfaction, retention and longevity in the nursing profession.

Raising the issue at a staff meeting and letting staff tell their stories is a key step to helping rebuild a culture.

Similar types of harassment in the workplace have been studied extensively.

Breaking the Cycle of Horizontal Violence on Nursing Units

Even tenured nurses are not free from these types of victimization. This mixed group will provide a cross section of the general population of nurses within the geographic area. The study also found that many of the respondents had no training on how to manage the behavior.Published: Thu, 04 Jan Introduction.

Persons may be fascinated to study and work in the nursing occupation because it is trustworthy and esteemed; though, the reputation of nursing is at risk as nurses are vulnerable to violence at their work more than other professions (Carter cited in Norris ).

phenomenon of horizontal violence. Horizontal violence in the workplace is an ever described horizontal violence as behavior that is directed by one peer toward violence results in the subjects feeling of low morale, apathy and disconnectedness. Environment: Beyond Oppressed Group Behavior Therese M.

Mendez University of New Orleans, Mendez, Therese M., "Horizontal Violence in the Nursing Work Environment: Beyond Oppressed Group Behavior" (). Horizontal Violence in the Nursing Work Environment: Beyond Oppressed Group Behavior.

Horizontal Violence Essay - Nursing is a healthcare profession that helps prevent, promote and optimize the health and abilities of families and communities. With such a noble and caring profession is very sad that violence, or bullying, exists among nurses and other healthcare disciplines.

Horizontal violence and The Effects on Nurses and Patients Essay Words | 5 Pages. Horizontal violence is not a topic that medical faculties discuss on a day-to-day basis, but it is an enormous problem within the health care system.

They found that horizontal violence led to high turnover and lower morale among junior nursing students. McKenna, Smith, & Poole et al. () found that new graduates experienced or as horizontal violence across all clinical settings and that it had a significant effect on leaving the profession and on interpersonal conflict.

Horizontal violence and staff morale essay
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