Good peer pressure

In fact, friends often encourage each other to study, try out for sports, or follow new artistic interests. Peer Influences on Adolescent Decision Making.

Some people get positive influence from it whereas others tend to get negatively influenced. We are all influenced by our peers, both negatively and positively, at any age. While we are constantly influenced by those around us, ultimately the decision to act or not to act is up to us as individuals.

Continued Assessing the Risks of Peer Pressure As you see, there can be serious risks involved with peer pressure. How would you cope if you found out you had gonorrhea or HIV? But there is always another side of the coin.

It is probably more accurate to refer to this as peer influence, or social influence to adopt a particular type of behavior, dress, or attitude in order to be accepted as part of a group of your equals "peers". Yet our schools focus primarily on students as individual entities.

You can follow him on Twitter joedonatelli. Could this harm someone else? Planning an endeavor and partnering with someone helps you stick to your resolutions.

As a result, when you take a wrong decision by succumbing to peer pressure, you may land yourself in deep sorrow and feel remorseful about the whole situation. However, recent studies have shown that peer pressure might have an upside to it; that in certain environments peer pressure can inspire an individual to be a more focused and determined individual.

On the other hand, blindly following peers and not holding an opinion of your own might leave a negative impact on your life. Casey from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, teens are very quick and accurate in making judgments and decisions on their own and in situations where they have time to think.

As you become more independent, your peers naturally play a greater role in your life. What would happen if educators instead took advantage of the fact that teens are powerfully compelled to think in social terms?

5 Reasons Peer Pressure is a Good Thing

Having someone to whom you are accountable and who can offer advice and support keeps you vigilant. Therefore, skill-building activities—such as those physical, learning, and creative endeavors that teens are often encouraged to try through positive peer influence—not only provide stimulating challenges, but can simultaneously build strong pathways in the brain.

Therefore, peer pressure can also have a positive impact on your life and can actually lead you to make the right choices for yourself. According to a study from Brown Medical School and Dartmouth University, partnering with someone who is serious about dieting and therefore successfully slims down increases your chance for weight-loss success.

How would your parents react when the police call them? History and English could be presented through the lens of the psychological drives of the people involved.

How Positive Peer Pressure Works

Just as people can influence others to make negative choices, they can also influence them to make positive ones. They scanned the brains of 40 teens and adults who were playing a virtual driving game designed to test whether players would brake at a yellow light or speed on through the intersection.

Peer Pressure

It can also lead you to adopt good habits in life. To do this successfully, their brain prompts them to think and even obsess about others. Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely encourage you to step up your game and strive towards something positive.

Their penchant for social drama is not—or not only—a way of distracting themselves from their schoolwork or of driving adults crazy. You have just experienced what is commonly referred to as peer pressure.Psychologist Brett Laursen, PhD, discussing peer pressure and the impact it has on children's lives.

Speaking of Psychology: The good and bad of peer pressure Home. WebMD shares advice for teens on how to cope with peer pressure. Zócalo Public Square is a magazine of ideas from Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise.

In every classroom, there is a kind of tipping point when the unmotivated students either get. Peer Pressure: Its Influence on Teens and Decision Making. Print. A teen might join a volunteer project because all of his or her friends are doing it, or get good grades because the social group he or she belongs to thinks getting good grades is important.

In this way, peer influence can lead teens to engage in new activities that can. Peer pressure can actually leave a positive impact on your life if you carefully pick certain good habits from your peers. Since there is a huge diversity in human behaviour, exposure to peer pressure will give you a good opportunity to analyse the likes and viewpoint of different people.

Peer pressure can be good too. Many things we say and do with our friends helps us improve our health and social life and feel good about the decisions we have made.

Good peer pressure
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