Globalisation and nike

As ofit employed more than 44, people worldwide. It can bring wealth but it also causes inequalities. Organic cotton for both trainers and sportswear is also grown in the USA.

Kusniah has only a junior high school education, Dunnarli finished high school. This situation occurred when Nike moved away from Jakarta in Indonesia. Basketball legend Lebron James visits a Nike factory.

However, Nike still employs large numbers of Americans in research and in the advertising and selling of its products. Few have any regrets.

Many are joint ventures between Indonesians and Koreans or Taiwanese, and industry sources say conditions in those factories remain "terrible. Both met their husbands at the Nike plant in Balarajah, and both consider themselves lucky to be employed at a time when Indonesia is experiencing massive political and economic turmoil.

It has also initiated Globalisation and nike scheme to recycle trainers, using the rubber to make new soles for the manufacture of sports ground surfaces. If they did, U. Safe limits on total hours and consequetive days that people can be required to work. Nike links many parts of the world.

Their only other alternative would have been wading in rice paddies to help their families eke out an existence in agriculture. Effects in the USA With the shift of production from the USA to economically developing countries, people lost their jobs in Oregon, resulting in lower levels of income and reduced living standards in the area.

Globalisation Globalisation occurs as more connections are made between countries through trade and communications. Freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Nike has contracted for independent auditing of workplace standards. Factories The company has located many of its factories in Southeast Asia because: Fair and full compensation including all benefits mandated by law. The only sweatshops that exist in Indonesia today are those that make "unbranded" shoes, such as those sold in Target or Walmart.

An extreme example, perhaps, but that is what globalization is all about. China In its factory in Guangzhou, China, Nike has been allowed tax benefits and to pay low wages.Nike: The Superbrand Superbrands such as Nike have been described as one of the central mediums of globalization and as symbols of a global economy.

These brands constantly appear in the top half of all studies of the most powerful brands, with Nike in ranking 26th at a brand value of $ billion.

Globalization ala Nike

Globalization ala Nike. Indonesia As Nike's top salesman, so to speak, Woods earns $20 million a year for promoting the company's products simply by playing golf. The Indonesians who actually make those shoes and sports clothes earn.

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You can view samples of. Globalisation is "growth to a global or worldwide scale" e.g.

Nike: A Global Presence

a small company developing into a brand known all over the world Nike is a globalised company because of its huge yearly profit, worldwide popularity, and size (as it.

Nike is a transnational corporation (TNC) founded nearly half a century ago. It is one of the world's largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$. Nike has some 20, retailers worldwide including Nike factory stores, Nike stores, Nike Towns, Cole Haan stores, and websites which sell Nike’s sports and leisure product.

Nike is the company which has 33% of the global market share in the athletic footwear industry.

Globalisation and nike
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