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My stomach is churning, and the noises and voices are bad today. The interaction will be analysed as each of these core conditions and skills are stated, thus helping in illustrating the helpful and not so helpful aspects of the interaction. She had tried all the PRN medication, breathing exercises and relaxation tapes which did not help, she felt the only way to stop it was to "die".

It draws attention to the unconscious and seeks to advance the clients conscious power over their lives.

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Three weeks prior to this intervention Carol had taken a serious Counselling essays help in response to her feelings of anxiety and her noises and voices, while she was on leave. Carol has been in the services for 20 years, only serving to deepen the layers of defences she has put in place to protect herself from harm, thus burying this Counselling essays help to grow.

Success of this approach often depends on both the counsellor and client and how well they work together. Do you have any ideas about what might help?

After about a second break Carol, I want to understand, talk to me about your feelings. The super ego is the moral part of the psyche; its punitive comes from our parents, teachers and society. It allows me to be congruent while helping me stay with the clients feelings.

I recognized this at the time and expressed it through, reacting to her behavior, not by trying to understand the underlying feelings that were making her behave this way.

Throughout the analysis, I will reflect upon how the intervention could have been more effective offering alternatives, which could have been more client-centred. Not so good martin.

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X and said " I am feeling frustrated and angry because you are willing to walk away, without explanation". I introduced the idea of an Anxiety self-help pack, to which the client was interested. She spent an 8-month period on the ward in which time her husband left her and her son was sent to prison.

I was expressing genuine concern for her well being. I tried to clarify again, in 33this time the outcome was more preferable, as carol disclosed important information regarding the anxiety pack. She had originally been under the care of another nurse, yet I requested the opportunity for me to approach her with the idea of changing her primary nurse.

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Although there were many occasions where I could have. I follow this in 19 with a leading question, one that contains an assumption, Burnard placing Carol in an indefensible position, subsequently undermining what I had already tried to do.

The supervisor will ask about the theory used following the questions used at this point the counsellor is able to reflect upon their skills and theory. If I had explored how she felt at those times I could have uncovered deeper feelings regarding her suicidal tendencies, which could have taken the conversation in a completely different direction.

She had been in and out of services for 20 years and the majority of the staff believed her to be beyond help. Congruency Congruency seems to be something that is gradually achieved. In 5 I could have said, " the churning is it painful, I noticed you rubbed your stomach" or " the noises and voices are distressing you today".

The three parts are the id which is pleasure, too much of everything and instance gratification. Within this, there is a degree of empathy being shown. Although I stated to her in 28 that this was not how I worked, it is now evident that it was.

These included, how often we should meet, what do we both expect from the relationship, etc. Congruence means to be genuine and transparent for the counsellor to be themselves within a counselling relationship without putting up fronts that prevent them revealing their true self.

Thorne states that Carl Rogers believed that what mattered, was the kind of relationship he offered to his client, nothing more, and nothing less. This is particularly useful if a client expresses a lot of different feelings or issues all within one sentence BurnardRogersTschudin I think maybe we should leave it there.

Carol gets up out of her seat and begins to walk away without explanation. This type of therapy usually lasts for a few years. Are you comfortable, is there anything I can get you?Question: Discuss the arguments for and against applying a business model to mental health services.

Answer: Businesses are motivated by profit and by providing customers with goods or Read more of the answer →.

Running Head: COUNSELING SKILLS Counseling Skills Counseling is a process in which a person (client) expresses his problems and concerns with another person who is a professionally trained counselor and has ability to help the client.

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Marking Service. Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement. Counselling Theory Essay In this essay I will describe key elements of Psychodynamic theory, Person-Centred theory and Cognitive-Behavioural theory. I will also identify the key differences between the above theories.

Analyse A personal counselling session Counselling Skills 1 Counselling sessions can help us work through a range of personal issues from everyday hardships to potentially life threatening situations.

1- Understand what is meant by Counselling The term counselling facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan with the main focus on emotional, vocational, social, educational, health related and developmental concerns this encompasses a broad range of practices that help people to improve their well being.

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