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So, to understand what Washington, Madison and other key Framers were trying to do with the Constitution, you must first read the Articles of Confederation, i.

The best path to firmer ground would seem to be, twofold: The Constitution was a magnificent effort and a brilliant creation. This is only possible because the constitution. It is because of the U. To limit government, leaving the maximum amount of freedom in the hands of individuals.

It is important to the people and because of it, the United States is different than Constitution still relevant countries. Many also think the president should be directly elected and the electoral college done away with as it can produce different results than a popular vote.

Some think the entire system flawed because of the unequal representation in the Senate 2 per state. It is priceless, Constitution still relevant it is not perfect, nor can it see into the future.

Although the constitution is way older than the people living in the United States, it is still relevant because it has an affect on everyone in the United States each and every day. On the federal level this meant there was a division among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

The constitution itself defines who has what power and gives us basic rights. Our republic, as outlined in the constitution, allows for careful Constitution still relevant to prevent rash actions from being taken.

Even though the constitution is old and was written in a completely different time period, it is still relevant because it can be changed and things can be added to it. This is important because each state is different and it can have its own laws according to their needs.

Constitution has become something like a secular Bible, with people using different parts to justify whatever their desired positions already are. For example, Communism came up with the idea of being even "more" democratic, placing power in the hands of the "proletariat.

While in need of some adjustment over time, this was basically to define the precise boundaries in each case, not to transform fundamentally the structure as a whole.

But neither side seems very interested in what the document actually did, says Robert Parry. A few of the cons mentioned above state issues with laws, but laws can be made on all subjects.

The constitution makes the United States unique with laws that other countries do not set for their people.

Instead of letting the words of the Constitution guide their governance, they let their governing interests dictate how they interpret the Constitution. You need time, and when I say "time," I mean at least a decade to follow through with a constitutional claim.

Is the Constitution Still Relevant?

Not only did the Constitution countenance slavery, it undercut democracy by giving two senators to each state regardless of population and originally having them appointed by state legislatures, not elected by the people. Their unanimous conclusion was that two safeguards were needed: Washington and Madison were so determined to correct the flaws of the Articles that they defied their instructions, which were to propose some changes to the Articles.

Instead, they threw out the old system. Thus, we have key chapters of that early history effectively expunged, such as the disastrous reign of the Articles of Confederation from to For instance, claims about the government abusing some ethinic group and then the ethnic group winning a constitutional case is all about manufacturing the idea that groups are respected constitutionally in the state, and that they are part of the history and identity of the country.

To divide power among as many institutions as would be possible without paralyzing government. We are bound to repeat history look at us right now.

The framers created a series of checks and balances to prevent any enfringement on the rights of minorities and most corruption of government if you believe as I do, as the framers did, men are generally selfish. The history of the past two centuries -- and especially the twentieth century -- showed just how right they were in this plan.

So, why should anyone expect anything different about how the Right would deal with history? The United States government works because of the constitution and because of it, people have gained rights that they did not have before. It is nearly cited in every presidential election and in every political choice as well.

Even though the constitution was written based on the needs of people that were living in the United States hundreds of years ago, it is still relevant today, and if it was not relevant, it can always be changed so that is relevant to our people today.

But the problem with these two views is that neither is logically consistent or honest. People have the right to do almost anything they want with the right reasons just because of the constitution. To me, the constitution is a myth. By Robert Parry There are two major schools of thought about the U.

The constitution is the most important document for our country because without it, our government would not be running as it is today, people would not be treated equally and some of the most important rights that people have would be taken away.

S Constitution has been around for many years since it was written on September 17, So, what the American people are now stuck with is a debate in which one side the Left largely dismisses the relevance of the Constitution beyond some cherished individual rights and the other the Right lies about what the document was designed to do.Why the Constitution Is Relevant Today.

Those who mock the Constitution have it backwards. There has been a great deal of discussion in the United States about the Constitution -- despite the fact. Get an answer for 'Constitution -- is it still relevant?Is the constitution still relevant today?' and find homework help for other Constitution questions at eNotes.

So, in the question “Is the U.S. Constitution still relevant?”, considering all that it has changed for the better, it may be one of the most relevant pieces of American history today. The constitution is important and still relevant today because without it, the United States would not be what it is today.

The United States government works because of the constitution and because of it, people have gained rights that they did not have before. Exclusive: The U.S. Constitution has become part of today’s political battlefield, with the Right claiming to be its true defender and the Left questioning why the old parchment should undercut.

STUDENT: Hello, I’m Matt, a student at Hillsdale College. Here is Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the continuing relevance of the Constitution.

DR. ARNN: Many argue today that the Constitution is outdated because it addresses problems peculiar to the eighteenth century.

Some parts of the.

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Constitution still relevant
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