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Statistics prove the safety of men, women, and minorities increase when laws allow for concealed weapons. The crime rate is high for the crimes that usually involve a gun, crimes with less use of guns such as rape are also high by about 7 percent. Lott states that criminals are less likely to attack a weaker victim, such as a woman or an elderly person, if there is a possibility that there might be a concealed weapon.

You may be able to lower the amount of people shot by legal guns but you would never be able to fully rein in a black market totally stacked with guns.

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Furthermore, while there may have been some cases in which crimes were prevented because of legally armed citizens, many feel it is best to leave public safety to those who are qualified to do so. Thirty states have lenient concealed-weapons laws, but only in Vermont can anyone carry a hidden handgun without Concealed carry everywhere essay license or permit U.

Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry Laws: A Sample Argumentative Essay

Other research has supported this conclusion, as well. Now if everyone did it the subway system would go bankrupt. Concealed carry everywhere essay is clear that while the application process is important, it is not free of error.

Despite such reasoning, opponents to concealed carry laws feel that they have a negative effect on public safety.

Some colleges now even allow weapons to be concealed on campus. In an article written by Michael J. Ten Have, and Douglas J. The man got out of his car, screaming, and began running towards her. Several other relatively recent cases have yielded similar response from various federal court systems.

American Journal of Public Health, vol, 99, no. Laws to allowed concealed weapon permits to anyone over 21 who has completed a gun-safety program, has no criminal record, and is mentally sound.

Criminologist Gary Kleck led a study that found that victims of assault or robbery who used a firearm to protect themselves were less likely to be attacked or injured than those who used alternative methods of defending themselves Kleck and Gertz The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states that citizens should maintain the right to keep and bear firearms.

There will always be the debate concerning concealed handgun laws. If we have to be trained, it would only make sense that a person in public would want to be trained, as well.

Has that stopped criminal from Being armed? The American Journal of Public Health published a study in stating that a victim carrying a gun is almost five times more likely to be shot during an altercation with a criminal than a victim who is not armed. The rest of the states should also adopt this legislation and allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Interview with Charlie Beck. People have documented unsafe storage practices, even from people properly trained in gun safety are among those documented surveys. Most people would immediately and instinctively say everyone.

Currently there are 31 states that have enacted "shall issue" concealed weapon laws. And now we choose to be able to protect ourselves and our family.

Michael J Hartmann Now about the innocent neighbors frequently being shot, the police accidentally killed innocent citizens in while only 30 were killed by private citizens who thought them intruders. The US Supreme Court and lower courts have held that the police are not obligated to protect individuals from crime, citizens are ultimately responsible for their own defense.

It was concluded by the CATO Institute that when Colorado legalized concealed carry init helped prevent a shooting spree at a church in late when an attacker was shot by a churchgoer carrying a concealed weapon Kopel.

Legalized concealed carry provides regular citizens with an opportunity to protect themselves from whatever may threaten their own safety or the safety of other innocent bystanders.

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I have seen far too much gun violence in my lifetime to think that more guns is a solution Some technologies developed to personalize guns are magnetic encoding, touch memory, and radio frequency. Because of the increase in criminal activity more law-abiding citizens are going to want some means of protecting themselves, Thus more people want a concealed weapon.

Accidental Firearm Deaths Source: A has a very high rates of violent crime more so than most other industrial democracies. Kleck, Gary and Marc Gertz.The national Institute of Justice did a study estimating the cost of different crimes their findings show that allowing concealed carry would have given you again of about $ billion in the reduction of violent crime gives you a gain of $6.

2 billion (4. 8 billion for murder, 1. 4 billion from aggravated assault, $ million from rape, and $98 million from robbery. Should Concealed Guns Be Legal Everywhere? Share; Tweet The pro-gun amendment tacked on to a critical defense-funding bill would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines.

There are those who argue that concealed carry laws will result in higher crime rates, but that argument is false (Smith, ). In fact, the opposite is true. In the United States, forty.

Below is an essay on "College Students Should Be Allowed Concealed Carry" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. I-Search Paper on Concealed Carry INTRODUCTION The topic of concealed carry is something that a lot of people are talking about.

Turn on the news, the radio, read the newspaper, surf the internet and the topic of conceal carry will be discussed. Free concealed weapons papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays Although everyone in America has the right to own a firearm, you must have a concealed carry permit in order to bring a hidden handgun into a public area.

Through people carrying concealed handguns we can reduce violent crimes.

Concealed carry everywhere essay
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