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When a corporation is considering issuing stocks to generate long-term financing, the central question that the corporation must address is the likelihood of its ability to generate future earnings, which will be translated into dividends to common stockholders and capital appreciation.

The more shares you own, the larger the portion of the company and profits you own. Thus, while common stock generally yields higher returns over the long term than almost every other investment by means of capital growth, this higher return comes at a cost because common stocks entail the most risk.

An investor who purchases 10 shares out of the 1, shares that a corporation issues would probably be a minor owner and thus would have a relatively small say in company policy. If a company goes bankrupt and liquidates, the common shareholders will not receive money until the creditors, bondholders and preferred shareholders are paid.

Stocks trade on regulated and over-the-counter stock exchanges worldwide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Stocks

In this situation, most companies must look to long-term financing options to meet their fiscal needs. You can buy stocks through your broker or hold stocks indirectly through mutual funds.

You can use options to hedge a stock portfolio against price declines. This is known as holding shares "in street name.

Common and Preferred Stock Academic Essay

Disadvantages The stock markets can be volatile with frequent price swings of several percentage points in a single trading session. The majority of stock is issued by corporations is common stock. Thus, even if a distribution is approved, there may not be sufficient corporate funds for distribution to all common stockholders.

The following sections will explain the fundamental rights of shareholders, including holders of common stock. Thus, as a company grows and builds its earnings, stockholders are entitled to participate in the distribution of corporate earnings, called dividends.

Advantages As part owners, common stockholders have some say in company operations. The entire section is 6, words.

Stock Market and Common Stock Essay Sample

The most common types of stock are common stock and preferred stock. Dividend distribution will be discussed in more detail in the next section. Companies that meet or beat profit expectations usually see their share prices rise over time. Corporations typically generate long-term financing through external sources of funds, including stocks and bonds.The common stock holders serve as the owners of the business entity and have voting powers unlike the preferred stock which are normally similar to bond owners.

This paper intends to find the differences between the common stock and the preferred stock. To effect the merger, Petrello Company is to exchange its unissued common stock for all the outstanding shares of Sanchez Company in the ratio of ½ share of Petrello for each share of Sanchez.

Market values of the shares were agreed on as Petrello, $48; Sanchez, $ Why would investors buy common stock when preferred stock is available?

If you owned 5, shares of common stock in Microsoft CorporationRead more about. When a business wants to raise money by attracting investors, it can do so by issuing stock in one of two flavors: common stock or preferred stock.

Both types of stock are offered for sale on the. The common stock shares outstanding were at $,; which was a very low number. Compared to all the totals the 12% option had the lowest shares issued.

During the 20% bonds review they totaled the earnings per common stock share at Stock Market and Common Stock Essay Sample. Authorized and available shares Aspin Corporation’s charter authorizes issuance of 2, shares of common stock.

Currently, 1, shares are outstanding, andshares are being held as treasury stock. The firm wishes to raise $48, for a plant expansion.

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Common stock 2 essay
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