Cce 2010 continuous comprehensive evaluation

Namely, the formative and the summative. The board has also instructed the schools to prepare the report card and it will be duly signed by the principal, the student.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

The first summative or Summative Assessment 1 SA-1 will be conducted after the first two formatives are completed. The main aim of CCE is to reduce pressure on students who are unable to effectively participate in the educational system and leave it dejected and with low self-confidence.

Students are required to participate in activities even if the syllabus is not covered. Once completed, the syllabus of one summative will not be repeated in the next. However, at least one oral test is conducted.

However the system has also been criticised for focussing more on projects and activities than actual learning. The second SA-2 will be conducted after the next two formatives. Despite these criticisms, the outcomes of this system were projected to be better that the rote learning of the previous system, which placed an undue emphasis on memory and facts instead of understanding and creating a learning environment.

Co-relation with a real-life situation - Whether the situation given matches any real-life situation, like tsunamisfloodstropical cyclonesetc.

The teacher will also play a major role. In addition to that, various assignments can be given such as projects, models and charts, group work, worksheet, survey, seminar, etc. For example, they give remedial help, maintain a term-wise record and checklists, etc.

CCE has come to end in the academic year and the annual pattern has been made mandatory. In some schools, an additional written test is conducted instead of multiple oral tests. However, only a small numbers of schools provide this choice to their students.

Though most of the schools implemented it quickly, teachers and students who were accustomed to the older system of evaluation and examination faced difficulties coping with the changes.

The summative assessment is a three-hour long written test conducted twice a year. In addition to the summative assessment, the board will offer an optional online aptitude test that may also be used as a tool along with the grades obtained in the CCE to help students to decide the choice of subjects in further studies.

Deductive Method - What does the student know and how can he use it to explain a situation. There are two different types of tests. A student will have to concentrate on totally new topics for the next summative.

The summative assessment will be conducted by the schools itself. At the end of the year, the CBSE processes the result by adding the formative score to the summative score, i.

Outcome, results and effect[ edit ] The outcome of the CCE system at the initial level varies.Evaluation (CCE) in its affiliated secondary schools from the session Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) may be defined as a school-based evaluation system to provide holistic profile of the learner.

Indian education is moving from summative to a continuous evaluation system. This study is an attempt to find out teachers™ perception about the scheme of continuous CBSE is on the threshold of replacing marks by grades for Class IX in and Class X board breakthrough in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

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CCE is founded on. First Edition of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, fundamentals of assessment in The CCE School Based Assessment Report Book should be seen as a positive. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation vii interpretation of the profile dynamics of the.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation was a process of assessment, classes student can have a practice to face the exam of board in younger age The Karnataka government has introduced CCE for grades 1 through 9 later it was also introduced for 12th grades students.

(1 February ). Comprehensive Mathematics Activities and Projects X. The scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation has inbuilt flexibility for schools to plan their own academic schedules as per specified guidelines on CCE.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, commonly known as ‘CCE’ is introduced as school based system of evaluation as per Right of Children to.

Cce 2010 continuous comprehensive evaluation
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