An analysis of the causes and outcomes of teenage pregnancy

Health Education Authority; Discussion Summary of main findings On the whole the young mothers were very positive about their experiences of motherhood. Young mothers and their babies are also at greater risk of contracting HIV. Obstetric outcome of teenage pregnancy in north Jordan.

Contraceptive practices need to be promoted among married adolescents so that future pregnancy could be delayed till they reach maturity. Although at times they described hardships they had been through and the adaptations they had to make, overall they felt it had been worth the privilege of having children.

Positive experiences of teenage motherhood: a qualitative study

Another limitation of the study was that the findings of adverse perinatal outcomes of teenage pregnancy could have been confounded by the unequal distribution of different sociodemographic characteristics in the two groups.

It was almost as if the child had saved them from themselves, and given them a purpose. Therefore, the definition of statutory rape is limited to sex with a person under the minimum age of consent. The risk of maternal death for girls under age 15 in low and middle income countries is higher than for women in their twenties.

This indicates that the teenage mothers were less careful about their pregnancy probably because of the lack of awareness and maturity. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. It may have been that the mothers were now at a more settled stage of their lives and were able to look back more positively than would have been the case if interviewed at the time of the birth.

For a couple of the women the bonding feeling did not come quite so naturally or immediately: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Office for National Statistics. The obstetric implications of teenage pregnancy. National family health surveys, India. Reflections on early motherhood The women reflected on how having a child at a young age had affected them and their plans for the future.

Early detection of complications, such as anaemia, pre-eclampsia, and intrauterine growth restriction and their management, and good intranatal and postnatal care are essential. The teenage mothers had a higher proportion of normal delivery compared to the older mothers. They were optimistic about their futures and often planning new careers.

Murray M, Chamberlain K, editors. Among teens in the UK seeking an abortion, a study found that the rate of contraceptive use was roughly the same for teens as for older women. Langham published her first psychological thriller in September HMSO; Published annually — 4.

The birth and becoming a mother Although most of the women had not planned their pregnancy, and the reaction of their partners and family may not have been initially supportive, they had very positive attitudes to being a mother and what that meant to them.

Most of the women had felt an immediate bonding relationship when the baby was born: About two-thirds of the babies were born by normal vaginal delivery.

Verma V, Das KB. They also reflected on the positive effect it had on them, although this was tempered with realism:Teenage pregnancy is defined as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence.

Approximatelyof to year-olds become pregnant each year, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, though many teenagers do not believe that they will get pregnant if they engage in sexual activity. TEENAGE PREGNANCY.

The Case for Prevention and Increased Quality of Life. in Waco, Texas. In searching for causes for this disparity, the Quality of Life Report found a Waco is no exception from Texas’ high teen pregnancy rate, with % of their teenage, female population becoming pregnant, infant deaths per live births.

Teenage Pregnancy in Nigeria: Causes, Effect and Control ALABI O. T.

Teen Pregnancy

and worse life outcomes for children of teenage mothers compared to children of young adult women (Yampolslaaya et al., ). Most teenagers do not plan their first sexual experience; rather, it is something that just happens to Conceptual Analysis Teenage is often.

Systematic review of the long term outcomes associated with teenage pregnancy within the UK Draft report March Authors: Possible causes and consequences of a teenage birth This analysis involves comparing.

Teenage pregnancy

In developed countries, teenage pregnancies are associated with social issues, including lower educational levels, poverty, and other negative life outcomes in children of teenage mothers.

Teenage pregnancy in developed countries is usually outside of marriage, and carries a social stigma in many communities and cultures. [9]. The ‘Causes’ of Teenage Pregnancy: Review of South African Research — Part 2 is limited to the causes of teenage pregnancy a girl at risk for adverse health and educational outcomes.

An analysis of the causes and outcomes of teenage pregnancy
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