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Throw out an extremely large or small value. More essays like this: As they are directly proportional to each other, the graph should show a straight line through the origin.

This high percentage error indicates experimental errors. From the graph of the length of the spinners wings against time I conclude that as the length of the wings increase the time taken to fall 1 metre increases this is because the spinner has a greater area and therefore greater air resistance so the speed of fall is slower and therefore the time longer.

It has a considerable error with prediction. In addition, because of the fact that the error in the measurement of t time was doubled because it was squared in the formula and it would make severe errors in the value of g.

The graph is a curve which means that a 1 cm difference in length of wing makes a bigger difference to the change in speed from 1 to 2 cms than from 6 to 7 cms.

The velocity time graph shows that as time increases velocity decreases. Tightened the clamp so that it is perpendicular to the main bar stand. Target pad Photogate The yellow plastic ball is as subjects. Connect the plug from the pad to the spot on 2 spots on the smart timer.

Photogate also the part of the Smart Timers, it use to back to Smart Timers the ball start drop, to make Smart Timers start timing. The error make the result with forecast has a large gap. Also, the error in the measurement of t was doubled because of square of t in the formula so it was It twice as more important to reduce the fractional error in the measurement of t time than to reduce the fractional error in the measurement of h heightespecially as this information was put into the graph to calculate the gradient.

This would show if there was a relationship between weight and time taken. Acceleration due gravity essay of them seem to fall out of the curve of the line. Repeating my own work and measuring and comparing the results with others students is an effective way to detect human errors.

The faster the spinner were falling, the more air resistance was created therefore slowing down the acceleration. I had to find the gradient of the line on the graph. For instance I could perhaps use more accurate ways of measuring the time for example instead of just using a stop clock and my trusty eye I could use a photo detector, this is when a timer starts due to a light beam being broken and this case that would be by the spinner and it would be stopped by a very sensitive switch pad on the floor when the spinner hits it.

Some errors arise because of mistakes. There is a positive correlation, which shows that the experiment was carried out fairly accurately each time the experiment was done and a reading was taken. The calculation of the percentage error is calculated as follows: We do not have the final speed only the average speed but since the greater the final velocity the greater the average speed then we can use the steepness of the graph to give some indication of the acceleration of the different sizes of wings.

When I constructed my line of best fit I thought that the points lay on a curve however I have no guarantee of this fact.

Acceleration due to gravity Essay Sample

I drew a line of best fit, which goes through all the points on the graph, which means there are no odd results that may affect the value of g. This is because without this result the line of best fit looked as though it was a straight line that passed straight through the origin however this could not be the case as it would still take time as even a spinner with no wings would take time to reach the floor.

Data Analysis The data collected show the ten times amount of time that yellow plastic ball fall on pad, the all ball is drop from the same height.

To extend my investigation in the future I could see if other distances other than 1 metre would give the same results if I chose a much greater distance than 1 metre I could ensure that terminal velocity had been reached. I can improve on this by implementing better techniques and equipment, however in turn these are very difficult to eliminate and the experiment would need to be repeated.

Error Analysis The result has a considerable error with prediction. The data result with prediction has about Given more time I would have repeated the whole experiment and maybe taken 5 or more readings of each height to make my results more reliable.

Shorten the connect line both between the photogate and smart timers, and pad and smart timers. The object is accelerating for a, longer time resulting in a reduced terminal velocity. Target pad is part of the Smart Timers, it use to when ball fall on it, it will back to Smart Timers to make it stop timing.

If I was to repeat the experiment again I would change the way I carried out the experiment in certain areas to give me more valid and accurate results. This would make my results more reliable as the stop clock would be started at exact times and it would rule out my reaction time.

Determination of The Acceleration Due to Gravity (g) by Free Fall Essay Sample

The three centimetre length of wing seems to have a time that is a little long and if I had time I would have liked to have repeated this result again. Air resistance and height is just relatively constant are the most reasons.

For example, if t were too big it would make t2 much bigger than it really is, and hence would decrease the value of g. This would have been to time consuming and the differences in the times so small that my results would have been difficult to plot.The acceleration due to gravity, g, was determined by dropping a metal bearing and measuring the free-fall time with a pendulum of known period.

The measured value is m/s2 with a standard deviation ofwhich does not fall within the range of known terrestrial values.

FreeFall:Acceleration Due to Gravity

Category: Papers; Title: Finding Acceleration Due to Gravity Using Ball Drop Method. My Account. Finding Acceleration Due to Gravity Using Ball Drop Method. Finding Acceleration Due to Gravity Using Ball Drop Method. Essay on Acceleration - Acceleration Introduction: Acceleration is the rate of which the something increases.

FreeFall:Acceleration Due to Gravity Theory All dense objects in free fall have the same acceleration, which is known as the acceleration due to gravity. The value of acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.

Acceleration Due to Gravity

Background: Free Fall Acceleration Under the constant acceleration of gravity near the Earth’s surface, g, the vertical position, y, of a falling object is related to the time it has fallen by 1 y = y 0 + v 0 t " gt 2 2 where y0 and v0 are.

Torques Equilibrium, and Center of Gravity Essay Words | 3 Pages. Acceleration Due to Gravity Introduction In this lab you will measure the acceleration due to gravity near the earth’s surface with two experiments: first, by determining the time for a steel ball to fall a known vertical distance (free fall), and then second, by.

Falling objects also experience an upward force due to friction between the object and the air. The faster the object moves, the greater the force of friction. The greater the air resistance, the more resistance there is against movement; therefore it takes less time until air resistance (drag) becomes the same as the downwards force (gravity).

Acceleration due gravity essay
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