A summary of the story of white fang by jack london

Part Two of the novel shifts the narrative perspective to that of the she-wolf. The pitbull had White Fang by the neck and was slowly going in to open the jugular. When Cherokee and White Fang fight, Keenan is somewhat of a passive onlooker, and is not resentful when Weedon Scott breaks up the fight between the two dogs.

In the Indian camp, the cub has to learn how to function in the presence of the Indians, and he must also learn how to protect himself against the other puppies. Only the oldest and sneakiest wolf, named One Eye, survives, earning him the right to, um, have a sleepover with the she-wolf.

When a famine occurs, he runs away into the woods and encounters his mother Kiche, only for her to chase him away for she has a new litter of cubs.

Scott then takes White Fang with him. It is a time of famine, and they are low on food; also, they have little ammunition.

In the first part, Henry and Bill are driving a dogsled containing the corpse of an English lord whose body they are taking back to civilization. He arranged fights and took in bets on them. Eventually, the she-wolf finds a cave and gives birth to a litter of cubs. The story then follows the pack, which has been robbed of its last prey.

The first is a large gray wolf who is leader of the pack, the second an old wolf without his right eye, and the third a three-year-old male. They discover that they are being followed by a pack of wolves. White Fang has a harsh life in the Indian camp; the current puppy pack, seeing him as a wolf, immediately attacks him.

The last four parts consist first of White Fang living with his mother in the wild and then his life under three very different human masters. White Fang, however, escapes and sneaks aboard the ship. The she-wolf tends her young while One-Eye hunts for White Fang defeats all opponents pitted against him, including several wolves and a lynx, until a bulldog called Cherokee is brought in to fight him.

President Theodore Rooseveltwho first spoke out against the "sham naturalists" inspecifically named London as one of the so-called "nature fakers".

White Fang grows up as an outcast, since the other dogs smell wolf on him and hate it. Under the protection and patience and compassion of Weedon Scott, White Fang gradually learns to appreciate a human being, and ultimately he comes to possess a love and affection for Scott.

In Sierra Vista, White Fang must adjust to the laws of the estate. As a result, they become suspicious, and finally they notice a she-wolf who comes to the camp at night and lures the dogs away.

Scott, therefore, chooses to take the dog along. He fights other dogs until he meets his match in a bulldog and is saved only by a man named Scott.

Beauty collects a tasty profit along the way. When his mother is taken from him, he attempts to follow her, but he is severely beaten by Gray Beaver, and thus he quickly learns another lesson — to obey the "man-god.

They only have three bullets left and Bill, one of the men, uses them to try to save one of their dogs; he misses and is eaten with the dog. The she-wolf gives birth to a litter of five cubs by the Mackenzie Riverand all but one die from hunger.

Then his mom pulls a nasty trick on him by heading to a Native American camp where she used to be domesticated. When Scott attempts to return to California alone, White Fang pursues him, and Scott decides to take the dog with him back home.

This gives One-Eye the right to mate with the she-wolf. The novel ends by showing how White Fang learns to exist as a domesticated animal. Strangely, the next morning, there are only five dogs to be fed. Table of Contents Short Summary Two men are out in the wild of the north.

White Fang turns into a crazy, hate-filled beast, perfectly happy to kill any dog in the ring for laughs. White Fang kills Hall and is nearly killed himself but survives.

He realizes how hard life in the wild is when he runs away from camp and earns the respect of Grey Beaver when he saves his son Mit-Sah from a group of boys seeking revenge. White Fang is treated terribly by this cruel man; he is constantly forced into bloody fights with other dogs so that Smith can win bets.

Scott tames White Fang and takes him back to California with him. I have been guilty of writing two animal—two books about dogs. The Lynx was a ferocious and vengeful feline.

White Fang Summary

The story ends with White Fang relaxing in the sun with the puppies he has fathered with the sheep-dog Collie.Lesson Summary. White Fang is a novel written in by Jack London. It changes perspective from the point of view of humans to the point of view of wolves.

White Fang

The plot centers on a wolf cub named White Fang and his relationship with the humans in his life. White Fang finally learns to trust humans and is domesticated by a man named.

The other dogs of the village terrorize White Fang, especially one named Lip-lip. White Fang becomes more and more vicious, encouraged by his master.

He kills other dogs. White Fang is a novel by American author Jack London (–) — and the name of the book's eponymous character, a wild wolfdog. First serialized in Outing magazine, it was published in The story takes place in Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories, Canada, during the s Klondike Gold Rush and details White Fang's.

Jack London’s White Fang: Summary “White Fang” starts out with 2 men and a group of 6 sled dogs traveling across the Arctic with a dead man in a coffin.

Jack London’s White Fang: Summary & Analysis

This group was followed by a pack of famished wolves. Life is tough but fair in the camp, and White Fang takes several trips with his master as the head of his dog team. Every time he leaves, he fights with the other dogs he. White Fang, however, escapes and sneaks aboard the ship.

Scott, therefore, chooses to take the dog along. The novel ends by showing how White Fang learns to exist as a domesticated animal.

A summary of the story of white fang by jack london
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