A personal critique of twilight los angeles 1992

Former Police Chief Daryl Gates, who also was interviewed by Smith and depicted in the show, did not attend and declined to comment about the performance. I was there, from the TV coverage, to the courts, to Rodney, to the streets.

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Former police commission prexy Stanley K. Opened, reviewed June 13, ; runs through July She added that she would have liked to see Smith portray her nephew, but "not the beating. I forgot it was me up there. An anonymous juror in the Simi Valley trial feels like a pawn of the system, having been led to the verdict, then disdained by the judge and news media, hounded by hundreds of citizens, and approved — to his horror — by the KKK.

This especially comes through in the monologues of Reginald Denny, whose outlook is forgiving and almost childlike, and Maria, a juror in the Federal trial of the officers held in the Rodney King beating. Smith interviewed people, and, with a bank of dramaturgs, edited down the transcripts; she performs the interviewees using their words verbatim and in their personal style, with the overall effect aided by juxtaposition, music, lighting and video excerpts.

King led to her selection as a jury member. As we begin to move fluidly through the gamut of perspectives, from black community leaders to fascist police officers to Korean shopkeepers, our values and preconceptions are repeatedly picked apart. Former police chief Daryl Gates comes across more humanly than some people may want to see, as a man whose weakness is his inability to see himself or his actions in context.

Although most of Los Angeles has lived every detail of the spring riots and their aftermath through news coverage or personal experience, Maria, an Orange County resident, was selected for the jury because she had virtually ignored the events.

I said to myself, dang, Maria, your eyes were really closed. I do not think anyone could watch this challenging piece and still believe that to be true. Maria, who has appeared on "Donahue" with Juror No.

The Mark Taper Forum Gordon Davidson, artistic director presents a one-person show in two acts no intermission. Music composed by Lucia Hwong reinforces the tension and oppression one begins to feel.

The Gate Theatre is perhaps the perfect venue for this revival. When this Rodney King thing came up. Mine was a quote from Reni Eddo-Lodge: One vivid act of repression is like a boulder cast into a pond; its waves can extend and linger for a lifetime.

I just enjoyed watching her portray this person, and I laughed when everybody else did. Cochran, attorney to Reginald O. This ability to laugh at certain absurdities, too, offers hope.In “Twilight: Los Angeles ,” Smith dives into the problems that ignited Los Angeles in April by portraying individuals who participated in those events.

Despite the media saturation of the riots and their aftermath, one leaves this show knowing more. Twilight: Los Angeles, is a one-woman play written and originally performed by American actress, playwright and professor Anna Deavere Smith about the Los Angeles riots.

[1] The original Broadway production opened at the Cort Theatre [1] in New York City on Place premiered: Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles.

★★★★ Twilight: Los Angeles, review: painfully relevant portrayal of race riots January 16, No Comments If you’re like me, you’re probably too young to remember the brutal police beating of black taxi driver Rodney King and the ensuing Los Angeles riots of Nina Bowers in Twilight: Los Angeles, Photograph: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian I recently suggested that, while one-person shows could present conflict.

Feb 11,  · Their testimonies were whittled down to form ‘Twilight: Los Angeles, ’, one of the first examples of verbatim theatre.

​Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 review – voices ring out from Rodney King riots

Smith, now best known for playing Nancy McNally in ‘The West Wing’, performed every part.3/5(1). " Twilight: Los Angeles, is Anna Deavere Smith's stunning new work of "documentary theater" in which she uses the verbatim words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event." - From the back cover About the Book What is.

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A personal critique of twilight los angeles 1992
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