A medical report of senator pinochet

But his lawyers appealed and a hearing was scheduled for March There is a history or urinary symptoms - hesitancy, poor stream, urgency and occasional minor incontinence. It seems clear, from the report, that the cerebral scan which reveals lacunar infarctions does not show variation with respect to the previous scan, and from that point of view the lesions are stationary.

The assessment of severity was apparently done using the poor results of the memory tests carried out during the afternoon, ignoring the results of the Mini Mental State Examination on that morning. Situational stress, as a trial is likely to produce, causes psychological responses which could accelerate the development of vascular lesions.

In a statement, the foreign ministry said: Henri Leclerc, president of the League of Human Rights, said the four countries pursuing Pinochet have little power under international law to influence his fate.

The report fails to give the items in which the senator failed. Following surgical decompression of lumber spine in Senator Pinochet was troubled for some weeks by severe headache across the brow. Other factors that could influence the cognitive function of the patient" should also be considered in this respect.

Some fasciculation in both calves. Tests included Spanish version of WAIS, Coloured Progressive Matrices, memory tests for designs, short story, pictured objects and Spanish version or paired associates.

Criticism of the conclusions of the specialists who examined Senator Pinochet The conclusions reached by the medical team who examined Senator Pinochet were included in the letter of 6 Januarysigned by J. Movements full in extent but reduced rapidity of sideways movements Upper Limbs: Last October, Gen Pinochet lost his case before a London magistrate, who ordered him extradited to Spain.

The presence of primary reflexes indicates that lesions have occurred to the frontal lobes, and the lack of memory is compatible with bilateral damage to the structures of the temporal lobes. Sufficient time has passed for most of the spontaneous recovery which might be expected after these episodes to have occurred.

Final comment The recommendation that Senator Pinochet is not fit to stand trial is at odds with the available evidence. Is spite of its relative brevity, it allows us to evaluate orientation, memory, attention, concentration, ability to name objects, ability to follow written and verbal orders, write a sentence and copy a geometrical figure.

His reported maladies indicate how diminished he would be if allowed to return to Chile, where he had wielded considerable power after relinquishing the presidency in Lack of memory both of recent and distant events.

With these impediments he would be incapable of sufficiently following the process of a trial so as to instruct his lawyers. More serious for the credibility of their report, they treat the unsubstantiated presence of frontal lobe damage as an indication of a more generalised arterial illness in the brain.

The pain of my Chilean people is worse than what Pinochet is suffering. He also recalls an episode in which his vision became dim for a short period.

'His memory of remote events is impaired'

Before Mr Straw makes a final ruling, he has given everyone involved in the case seven days to submit arguments for his consideration. Cardiac apex not palpable.

Ann Clwyd MP, chair of the all-party parliamentary human rights group, said it was unfair to expect parties such as Amnesty International to make representations within seven days without access to such important information.

Senator Pinochet arrived in a wheelchair and was interviewed in bed. The truth is that the presence of these symptoms is not an unequivocal sign of organic brain damage, and the causes of Parkinsonism are multiple. Haemoglobin and blood picture, urea and electrolytes including calcium normal.

Recently he has developed difficulty in shaving without cutting himself. When reviewed later by Dr Thomas letter There was no immediate comment from Baltasar Garzon, the Spanish judge who launched the extradition case, but lawyers working with him said they would continue their fight.Medical Report Cites Pinochet 'Brain Damage' By RICHARD BOUDREAUX, Times Staff Writer ROME--Gen.

Augusto Pinochet is unfit to stand trial because of "extensive brain damage" that dims his memory, comprehension and ability to express himself, according to disclosures Wednesday of a British medical report on Chile's detained former dictator.

An examination of the medical report of senator pinochet

states requesting extradition, and other interested parties that Senator Pinochet had been examined and that the medical report concluded that Senator Pinochet “is at present unfit to stand trial and that no change to that position can be expected” and that he is “minded” not to extradite Senator Pinochet.

Senator Pinochet has a complex medical history, but the main medical problems at present are peripheral diabetic neuropathy and a recent progressive cerebrovascular lesion. The diabetic neuropathy adds to his difficulties in walking and a noted tendency to postural hypotension.

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Senator Pinochet has a complex medical history, but the main active medical problems at present are diabetic peripheral neuropathy and recently progressive cerebrovascular brain damage.

Pinochet opponents demand access to medical reports

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A medical report of senator pinochet
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