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I also have a "Wedding" project that holds all of my wedding planning i. On the iPad, you can have the side panel and the notes side-by-side on the screen due to the larger screen estate. The agenda serves as a complete timeline of your notes that matter, and you can see in a glance what needs doing.

On the Agenda, Today, and Search All. With the iPhone, you can get a similar view only when your device is in Landscape orientation. Since the Today and On the Agenda views work similarly to task management apps, tapping that dot is like marking it as complete, removing it from the timeline.

The design of it is simple and intuitive once you get the hang of things, and I truly enjoy being able to assign due dates to notes. When I first downloaded and started using Agenda on my Mac, it took me some time to figure out how to fit it into my workflow.

If you need to assign a due date or link a note to a calendar event, just tap on the calendar icon for the selected note. Agenda also supports formatted text for your notes, and a keyboard extension provides quick and easy access to headings, sub-headings, and even preformatted text like code.

For my writing gigs, this is where I house article ideas and keep research notes for each one. Instead of scrolling through everything, just tap the project name at the top of the screen.

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I believe this is because the app has to go through all of your notes, which can be a more straining process if there are more notes in the collection.

For quick captures, I still like to use Drafts. Another thing to note is the fact that Agenda uses iCloud syncing to keep all of your data intact across all devices.

And the flexibility of being a full-fledged rich text editor means your notes can become checklists, code snippets, journal entries, or whatever else you can think of. All projects added to your categories get labeled with that selected color as well, so everything is clearly color-coded to easily differentiate from each other.

Usually, when you create a new note or give it a due date, it becomes labeled as "On the Agenda".

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With Agenda, users are able to create categories and projects to organize all of their notes in. Personally, I created some categories in Agenda to fit my lifestyle: Agenda Premium features What is Agenda?

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Agenda is one of the most interesting note-taking apps out there on the market. This design is intentional to help you move forward with your projects and tasks. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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Agenda for iOS review: A fresh approach on note-taking

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A fresh approach
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