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The government also have to face the defying created by the opposition parties that accused 1 Malaysia concept is just a cheap slogan that will bring more harm to the people.

1malaysia Concept

In fact, the 1Malaysia concept remains faithful to the core provisions within the Federal Constitution, Therefore, no one should fear or cast aspersions hat the concept the concept will deviate from what has been agreed upon by our founding fathers.

The NKRAs include crime prevention, reducing government corruption, increased access to quality education, improvements in the standard of living for low income groups, upgrades to rural infrastructure, and improvements in public transportation. In conclusion towards the acceptance of 1 Malaysia within our society, the real situations in our societies are not really bad.

More essays like this: This theme signifies that while reinforcing the call for unity amongst Malaysians, the government will also prioritise issues that the 1malaysia concept essay malaysia only feel strongly about.

If we want to be serious about it, we have to take the first move from the roots, starting from pre — school to secondary school and our primary school. This is against the Federal Constitution; Article of the Constitution which stipulates the special rights of the Malays and other Bumiputeras as well as the position and rights of the other races in the country.

So, they are one of the main targets to practice this concept in their life. Most of our Malaysian people 1malaysia concept essay malaysia only getting used to the concept rather than take it just as a gimmick. We have to be fair to all the communities.

One of the common ways is by using the advertisement plus a variety of information programme. The objective is to encourage youths to use their imagination to the fullest.

She also said that the government cannot make a decision for the Malaysian, but Malaysian itself have to decide on their own which one is right and which one is wrong Rafini Othman, personal communication, 16th September For the media, they can only broadcast and spread the truth idea of 1 Malaysia by using the medium they have like television, radio and newspaper.

National Unity Ultimate Objective Of 1Malaysia, The theme means that in emphasising the importance of unity among Malaysians, the government will also give preference to issues regarded as important by the people.

This means that 1Malaysia is a formula conceptualised as a precondition in ensuring the aspirations of the country to secure a developed status by are met, if it is inculcated in the minds of the people and practiced by the entire community. He personally still does not see our different races community adapt this concept to their daily life A recent survey by Merdeka Centre also showed that 78 per cent were aware of the concept but 39 per cent still did not know what it means.

Only then can unity be achieved. The Malaysian should be practice this concept in their daily life in order to become as an advance country. Figuring out One Malaysia, Madam Rafini, a journalist in RTM said that 1 Malaysia is totally different from the Malaysian Malaysia concept even though the policy is almost the same.

For example, Government should organize any celebration that can be participated by all races in Malaysia. Moreover, advertisement and song of 1 Malaysia is believed can attract younger generation to practise this concept in their daily life.

The 1 Malaysian or a member of Bangsa Malaysia, if one prefers; pursues excellence with full confidence and with pride in himself and his country, behaves democratically, holds himself to high ethical standards.

Najib says the government is committed to carrying out a transformation programmed as its main agenda based on approaches and philosophy of 1Malaysia people first, performance now. We can see that different people have a different interpretation about this 1 Malaysia concept, some agree and some not.

Hence, government policies and provisions in the Constitution that protect the interests of disadvantaged groups will continue to be implemented. She said that there were many advertisements that were shown everyday in the media especially in television regarding this concept.

By that, this will expedite the progress of achieving 1Malaysia as it is expected to generate a definitive transformation, towards an advanced Malaysian nation, underpinned by a firmly people, and esteemed by the world.

Most of the concept that are being introduce in Malaysia, it will always something that have a powerful connection in our daily life and the harmony of our country. Malaysian Malaysia had been brought by the DAP on In other words, the government recognises the importance of the efficiency and quality of public service in enhancing the quality of life for the Rakyat, hence the adoption of a people-friendly approach in all government agencies is critical.

Another example is when the media produce a competition for everyone to create 1 Malaysian song.Monday November 9, 1Malaysia allows for different schools By NG CHENG YEE PETALING JAYA: The existence of different types of schools is allowed under the 1Malaysia concept as the country has a multi-racial society, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Malaysia: Concept and Values. 1Malaysia Factors leading to the formation of Malaysia in 1. Only Malaya was an independent nation while Singapore, Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak were still under British control. These territories were considered too small to be independent entities. It was felt that a merger with Malaya would bring early.

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(1Malaysia Booklet, ) In other words, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic people of Malaysia, substantiated by key. Read this essay on One Malaysia. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Only at killarney10mile.com". Malaysia Concept Was Introduced Media Essay. Print Malaysia government tends to glamourise the headline or allow the mainstream media to publish only the contents that serve the interest of them in encouraging the acceptance of the 1Malaysia concept by the citizens of Malaysia.

The frequent reinforcement on the positive sides of the. Dec 02,  · Check out our top Free Essays on 1 Malaysia Concept to help you write your own Essay.

1malaysia concept essay malaysia only
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